A young girl discovers her elemental powers and is thrown into a new world. There, she will enter a strange school and eventually play an important part in a life-altering war among worlds.

On the day that Adriel turns 16, her entire world changes. Upon discovering her elemental powers, she is torn from her family and thrown into the midst of a strange new world.

Her adventure begins at Waike Academy, the world's only school for elemental witches. At this school, people from all different lands come to discover their element and form lasting friendships. Adriel is enthralled during her time at "The School," as it if affectionately nicknamed, and forms an everlasting bond with her familiar, Phaedre.

However, this world has many dark secrets. When war begins to brew between neighbouring nations, life as she knows it is shattered once again. Soon all witches - young and old - will gather on opposing sides of the conflict, their powers the key to winning the war. Adriel finds herself struggling with her allegiances, pulled between nations that have both made fatal mistakes and both of which are using Earth to affect the outcome. 

All paths eventually lead to Wind, the floating fortress city nestled in the clouds. A battle will play out beneath the city and the moment it begins, two worlds will be changed forever.

The End

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