"Who cares if we left her there, she wanted us to leave!" Ashley yelled back at Stacy.  We hadn't been at my house for 5 minutes and already a fight broke out. Stacy was arguing that we should have refused to leave until we knew for sure if she was okay.  Ashley says that it was what Emma wanted and we should respect that, she was in good hands and she would call when she was better.

"I still think it was rather rude of us just to ditch her there!" Stacy argued back, "We're all supposed to be best friends and best friends don't. Abandon. Each. Other." 

I got up and left this was stupid and i honestly didn't care who won the fight.  I went into my room and dug through my drawers.  That's where I found it.  I was addicted to it.  This was my own personal addiction.  There was a reason why I always wore sweaters or hand warmers. It wasn't because I was cold, thats damn sure.  I grabbed it and sat in the far corner, forgetting about everything.  I crossed my legs, pulled my hand warmers off and looked at the scars with a grin.  I placed the sharp blade of the knife against my skin and pressed.  The beads of blood emerged and I grinned in happiness.  

Suddenly the door burst open with Ashley and Stacy shouting words, well i think they were words, at each other and at me.  As quickly as i could i pulled a blankwt over and hid my arm under it along with the knife.

"What the hell are you doing?" Stacy demanded, putting her hand on her hip and tapping the toe of her high heels on my wooden floor making an annoying clank.  Everyone was silent as they starred at me.  

"What the hell are you talking about?" I replied back acting dumb-founded, " I had a headache and got tired of listening to you two yell and scream at each other so I came in here."

"Do you always sit in the corner when you have a headache?" Ashley asked not believing me at all.  She didn't verbally say she didn't believe me, she said it with her look . 

" It seemed like a good spot to sit and my blanket was here so i thought why not." I said with a weak smile.  I could tell it was hard for them to believe but they let it go, for now.

The night had come and invaded the day as the stars shone brightly in the dark sky. I laid in bed, curled up in a ball, my blanket pulled up to my chin.  

That was close! I said to myself in my head.

Tell them, just tell them! The other part of my brain argued back.

No! I'm not ready for anyone to know yet.  I yelled back.

You never will be fully ready so just get it over with you wimp! Other me argued.

Oh great, I was now having conversations in my head.  I have some serious issues.  I turned my light off and snuggled into my sheets.  I traced my thumb over all my scars and smiled, and soon I fell into a deep sleep.

The End

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