"Bye Mom!" I called out as I drabbed my bag and dashed out my front door.  I ran and ran, my heart pounding with each step I took.  I loved the feeling of the wind in my hair and the ground under my feet.  At the end of my street there was a gorgeous lake.  I ran till I got to the dock.  Then I took my blue tank top and jean shorts off.  I was wearing a black bikini underneath.  At the end of the dock I saw a group of teenagers sitting there laughing and having a good time. They were my friends.  There was Vanessa, Mark, Zoey, Rayan, Stacy, Danelle, Austin, Kelvin and Emma.  I ran towards them but instead of stoping I dove off the end of the dock.  I loved swimming.  I loved the freedom it brought and the feel of the water surronding me. Danelle and Stacy on the other hand hated the water. they only came to sun tan. Stacy and  Danelle were your basic preps.  Kelvin and Mark were our jocks. Name the sport and you are gananteed that one or bothof them do it.  Emma was our free-spirted book lover.  Name a book, she's read it. Vanessa was unique like me.  There was no steriotype for us.  Austin was our confussed goof ball that would do almost anything to get people to laugh.  And Rayan was the player.

As I emerged from the water I noticed all put three people dive in too.  Stacy, Danelle and Austin stayed behind.  They were chatting about something but I wasn't bothered to know what. Soon everyone else had emerged from the water too and took in big breaths of air.  I loved the summer! No school, no snow. Only freedom and the hot sun.

"What did you do last night?" Kelvin asked me as he swam up beside me.

"I had to babysit Kyle." I complained. Kyle was my pain-in-the-butt annoying little brother.

"Eww!" Emma said as she heard this, "I hate babysitting my little siblings."

"Don't we all?" Rayan stated swimming past us. 

We all ended up swimming to an island in the middle of the lake.  It was nice there.  It was really small though.  There was barely any room on there with all of us there but it was still fun.  Suddenly a high pitched scream can from behind me.  I turned to see Emma laying on the ground holding he knee in pain. 

"Em! What happened?" I asked as I ran over to her.

"I slipped!" She half screetched. "I hit my knee on the rock you guys! It hurts so much!"

I looked at her knee, covered in blood and felt neausis.  It looked bad real bad. 

The End

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