Wilsons Dread

A Serial Killer is Terrorizing the city of MillFalls, and the Only Man who can find him is a 9 to 5 Office Employee named Wilson who keeps getting Cryptic E-mails from The Killer.

- be tactful with this story. I don't want to see any blood and gore scenes. it's supposed to be a psychological thriller or something like that, not a horror.

Wilson Sat in an uncomfortable chair in front of a cold metal table in a dark gray room looking at the reflective end of a one way mirror. When it dawned on him how little funding the police really had. This made him feel guilty about all the times he had made fun of their public pleas for more funds and donations.

Wilson jumped as the door opened and in walked officer Hill.

"Thank you for coming here Mr. Gibbs." Officer hills low voice sounded like it had been abused by cigarettes his entire life. yet it was oddly soothing to Wilson's ears.

"No problem officer. Anything I can do to help catch the MillFalls Mutilator." Wilson regretted using the title when he saw Hill's face flinch at the sound of it.

"Yeah, so what sort of information do you have exactly?" Hill asked as he sat down across from Wilson. He placed his elbows down on the table and rested his chin on his hands. the stance made Wilson feel threatened.

"Well, officer" Wilson began "I've been getting strange e-mails from someone I don't know..." He trailed off and Hill stared at him unimpressed. "But you see, that's not the reason why I'm telling you about it." Wilson quickly added.

"And what would be the reason?" Hill asked, his gaze drifting.

"Each e-mail just so happened to come before each murder... well except the first two." Hills attention came back.

The End

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