You do what Mark says

You turn to page one and put Mark down picture side up.

Instantly the page begins crawling with what look like millions of tiny black ants.  As you watch, blobs of black begin to take shape, undulating, ebbing and flowing and finally taking shape.  When the last of the black stops moving you realize what you're looking at:

It's a perfect black and white photo of your room.

Intrigued, you walk to your room and compare the picture to the real thing.  Everything is exactly right.  Down to the pillow that fell off your bed as you got up this morning.

Mark vibrates and you turn him over.

"To the kitchen."

Without asking why you walk to the kitchen.  When you're there you look at Mark again.

"Touch the picture"

You look at the picture, and then Mark, and then back at the picture  and touch it ever so lightly.

Instantly your vision blurs and then regains focus.  Your arms seem to stretch making the book recede from view.  As you move backwards you notice Mark's display.  Written in red, bold letters you read:


Suddenly you feel yourself propelling toward the book and the picture of your room.  You grasp tightly to the book and close your eyes.  You feel the rushing of cold wind... and then silence.

You open your eyes and to your utter disbelief you find yourself back in your room!

You look with amazament at Mark.  If you didn't know better you would think that Mark was smiling, his display reads:

"Wilson the Photohopper!"

The End

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