You open the book

"Book?  What book?"

"At your feet," Mark displays.

You look down at your feet and see that what fell out of what Mark was wrapped around is an small, old leatherbound book.

Holding Mark in your left hand you reach down to pick up the book in your right.  You feel Mark vibrate soflty and notice that his display has changed:

"Open the book."

You nod and put Mark down on the table next to you.

You look at the intricate cover.  It is inlaid with what looks like gold and at the top is written:

Wilson The Photohopper

Wilson the Photohopper?  What does that mean?  To your left you hear a noise.  You turn to see Mark gently bouncing on the table as he vibrates letting you know his display has changed.

"You are Wilson" is displayed on Mark.

"I know I'm Wilson... what do you mean?"

Mark's display changes again, this time made to look like somebody writing with a Sharpee pen.  The 'you' emphasized and underlined.

"YOU are Wilson!"

"This is a book about me," you ask.

"Yes it is."

The words expand and then shrink to form a new sentence.

"Open the book."

You open the book.  As you turn the cover to the title page a strange feeling of deja vu overwhelms you.  You have seen this before... or done this before.  It all feels so familiar and yet so foriegn.

Intrigued you read the title page:

Wilson The Photohopper
Your Gateway to Anywhere

You turn the page and find the table of contents.


All the pages are blank.  You flip through the rest of the book.  Every single page is blank.

You look at Mark questioningly.  His display reads:

"Turn me over"

You reach down to pick up Mark and turn him over.  On the back of Mark is a picture of what looks like your bedroom.  Mark genlty vibrates letting you know he wants to say something.  You turn him over and read:

"Put me down"

The words blink out and then back in.

"on page 1"

These words disolve into:

"picture side up."

The End

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