You want to talk some more to the piece of paper

You feel very strange talking to a piece of paper but you decide to find out more.

"What are you," you ask the bookmark.

The words fade complete out and the reappear:

"Call me Mark"

"Mark huh?  Well I'm Wilson"

"That I know"

Strangely enough, you begin to feel more comfortable talking to this piece of paper now that you know it has a name.

"Mark, how can you talk... I mean, what are you?"

Mark's readout quicxkly fades to nothing then reappears:

"I can display"

Before you can ask what that means each letter begins to spin eventually stopping and forming a new sentence.

"only three words"

These words begin to fall being quickly replaced by new ones.

"at a time."

Ah... you understand... Mark can only show three words at a time.  That's why all of his answers have been three words long.

You decide to ask questions that only require a few words in reply.

You say, "Ok, I understand.  Let me ask this: Are you a person... I mean are you alive?"

"Yes I'm alive."

"Where are you from?"

"Can't say now."

"You can't say now?  Why not?"

"Open the book"

The End

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