You open the package

Swallowing hard you slowly turn the package over trying to find a seam in the brown paper wrapping.  To your utter amazement the words from the front of the package slide to the back and spill into a new sentence:

"Save the paper."

You nod your head and suddenly a seam appears.  "Can it see me," you wonder out loud.  Immediately the words explode apart reforming into a new sentence:

"Yes I can."

A chill runs down your spine as you realize that whatever this box, or piece of paper, or whatever it is can see you.

Slowly you reach for the seam to unwrap the package but  the paper pulls out of your hand causing the box to fall to the ground.  As the wrapping floats to the ground it folds itself into a small, flat rectangular shape and softly lands on the box.

"Pick me up" forms on the front.

You bend down to pick up this new shape.  You are completely entranced by this sentient piece of paper.  "What is this," you ask in amazement.  Instantly the words melt and morph into:

"I'm a bookmark"

The End

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