Wilson the Photohopper

There it is again... that sound.

It seems to be calling you.

You walk by the crudely wrapped package once more.  Glancing at it, trying not to be too obvious you search for any clues that might tell you what is hidden under the brown paper and Scotch tape that covers the small box.  Your eyes linger on the tiny, angular scribbles that are scratched on the top of the package trying to decipher any semblance of words...

Suddenly the tiny lines and swoops begin to move.  What? You shake your head blinking your eyes in disbelief.  Did you really just see that?  Looking around you making sure nobody else is watching, you slowly approach the small package.

You stare with amazement as the scribbles stretch and bend, tumbling over themselves to finally stand at attention.  You rub your eyes trying to make sense of what you have just seen.  As your eyes come back into focus you read what has just magically appeared:

"Greetings Master Wilson."

Greetings Master Wilson?   That's your name.  Is the package trying to talk to you?  That's ridiculous.

"I don't believe this.  What's going on here," you mutter as you slowly pick up the tiny package.

The package softly vibrates in your hands as the words you have just read begin to stretch and bend again.  Within a matter of seconds a new sentence is formed:

"Are you ready?."

"Ready for what," you whisper feeling a bit odd talking a package.

Again the sentence pulls apart and reforms:

"Open and see."

The End

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