Willow Woods

The only thing worse than bad dreams is having them come true. The night that Danni Willow turned 14 was the day she would never forget. The night that the dreams had come, the night when she was safe no longer. The only safe place was in Wisteria's branches, high above the ground. Now she has to fight against her other half, her dark half. Every night Danni races to the comfort of Wisteria's branches, but one day Wisteria will no longer be able to help her.

A feeling of calmness passed over me as I saw the moon come out of the clouds, letting the forest trail be seen. I ran down the trail, I didn't want the moon to go back behind the clouds. I didn't feel safe, it was to dark tonight. I herd the trees all around me, rustling their leaves to keep me calm. It didn't work, though it usually did. I had to get to Wisteria, that was the only place that I would be safe in.

I had finally made it to the clearing, Wisteria was sitting in the middle, looking as peaceful as ever.

"Hello Wisteria," I said. She gave a slight nod. I climbed up her branches, hidden in the canopy of leaves.

"What has happened my dear child, I feel you are scared," she worried.

"It felt like someone was watching me again Wisteria. It was the same as last time." I shivered at the thought. The last time was so close, whatever that was following almost had me. Wisteria's leaves brushed against me.

"Again? What do you think it is?" She looked into the forest, it was all dark, not a sound. "They have been looking for it you know, they are trying their hardest."

"I know, and I am very grateful,  but i still do not feel safe." I took my journal out of my backpack and began to write the events. Another day, another dream, and it still ended the same way everyday. I was getting tired, I streched out my legs and arms, I setteled into Wisteria's branches.

"Don't worry child, you will be safe." I yawned in reply and waited for sleep to overtake my senses.

The End

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