A Warm Greeting

When the car pulled up outside of Great Aunt Dorothy's cottage, the singing rose to a final flourish and cut in time with the engine. Willow quickly clambered out of the car past her older brother and sister.

Peter and Alice were twins. And with bright blue eyes and short white blonde hair, they were definitely their parent's children. Everybody seemed to describe the twins as 'perfect' but Willow just thought they were weird. 

It was Willow, however that was the odd one out in her little branch of the family. With long curls of golden blonde hair and brown eyes, Willow often wondered if she was adopted. She was also short for age, whereas the 16 year old twins were both tall. 

At the door a little old woman with slightly too much make up stood, grinning madly. 

"Auntie Dot!" Willow called. 

Willow's great Aunt Dorothy was a woman who embodied chaos. Her home was a cluster of bric-a-brac and random objects from distant lands that she had visited on her travels. Whenever she tucked the children in at night she would tell another story. That was one of Willow's favourite parts about coming. 

The cottage seemed to sprout wild flowers from every cranny and a further spattering of old, rusted objects littered the overgrown yard. 

Currently, the little woman stood dressed in an apron that was splattered with cake mixture.

"Hello trouble!" Dorothy smiled. 

The pair hugged in the door way and Willow rubbed away at the cake mix that smudged against her face. Mr. and Mrs. Chapman were unpacking the car. If you hadn't known better, you'd say that they were here to stay. 

"Steven! Victoria! Leave that stuff there and come inside and enjoy a nice cup of tea! You too, you two!" Dorothy waved a finger at the twins, "you'll never guess who's here with their brand new twin babies."

Every couple of generations, the Chapman family had a tendency to introduce a handful of twins to the family, in fact Dorothy supposedly had a twin sister who she had long been out of touch with. In Willow's generation, there were already three. Her brother and sister. Her girl cousins from Nottinghamshire and the newly born twins from London, Sarah and Eve. They had been all her parents had talked about. Everyone was dying to see them. As the baby of the family, Willow didn't know what all the fuss was about. 

Willow was almost certain that she still wouldn't hear the end of it, even once they'd seen the babies. She just hoped that the boys weren't interested in babies. She was sure they wouldn't be. Not when there were places to explore.


The End

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