Case 1 Part 4 Amethyst

‘What do you have for me?’ Poppy asked from her bed even if it was next to Amethyst’s.

‘This,’ Amethyst said pulling the necklace from her jacket’s pocket ‘it’s an old necklace.’

‘No wonder you thought she was high class,’ Poppy said… pearls are expensive; well she was sure that in China they were a little cheaper. She’d have to ask Teina about that, she might have to leave to leave the necklace out of it.

‘You should trust me on things like this,’

‘I should,’ Poppy giggled ‘what’s the hotels name again?’

‘It’s Gesund und Fit Hotel Post Orglwirt,’ Amethyst sighed ‘didn’t you listen when Tom told us the name yesterday?’

‘No,’ Poppy admitted ‘how far are we from the sight?’

‘You didn’t listen when they told us that didn’t you?’


‘We’re seven point one kilometres from the sight,’ Amethyst sighed, why didn’t her sister listen when someone told her something.

‘Thanks sis,’ Poppy said looking around the plain room ‘it’s a nice hotel room.’

‘Nice try Poppy, nice try,’ Amethyst said ‘so how old do you think the necklace is?’

‘My guess from the sixteenth century at least,’ Poppy guessed looking at how much dirt and grim was on the thing ‘how come no else saw it?’

‘I don’t Poppy,’ Amethyst said as she shrugged her shoulders ‘also Hilaria told Felix about herself.’

‘That’s nice,’ Poppy said, but she was surprised Hilaria never talked to anyone her past was far too hard and she had a hard time trusting males. Yes, Hilaria would watch them and protect them, but talk… no Hilaria never talked to males. ‘She’s making progress then.’

‘Very funny Poppy,’ Amethyst sighed ‘Any news from Prumus or Nero?’

‘None,’ Poppy said ‘well some things in the castle have moved, shadows have been seen.’

‘I guess it’s time we go to sleep then?’

‘Yes it is,’ Poppy said ‘and I’ll find out what I can from the necklace.’

‘Thanks Poppy,’

‘It’s no problem,’ Poppy sighed ‘it’s my job after all.’

‘Ghost tours would be boring around you.’

‘They would wouldn’t they.’



The End

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