Case 1 Part 3 Amethyst

Poppy- Are you sure?

Amethyst- I’m sure

Poppy- Are you coming back?

Amethyst- Yes

‘Okay, time to leave.’ Amethyst whispered, she didn’t know who to, but she felt like someone was watching her. She didn’t want to stay in this castle… any more than she had to.

That and it was almost dark. Tom would be staying back this time, since she and Poppy stayed last time. The rest of the team would be going to a hotel. Haunted places are more active during night.

‘I’m back,’ She yelled as she entered the Van.

‘So how was it Amethyst?’ Teina asked

‘We need to set up camera’s in a bedroom,’ Amethyst said

‘Which one?’

‘The one on the North-east side of the castle,’

‘Something happened,’ Poppy sang clapping her pale hands together.

‘And if something did?’

‘You would be telling us,’ Felix said, closing the case file and picking up a note book to write down what Amethyst said.

‘There’s a female ghost,’ Amethyst said ‘don’t know what she looks like, but the style of her cloths says she’s middle/high class.’

‘Okay I go…’ Tom said as he came in carrying black camera cases ‘what happened to Amethyst?’

He had a point now that everyone looked at the girl, really looked at the girl. For starters her hair what out of her ponytail and it looked like she walked through high speed winds and there was a bruise forming on the right side of her face.

‘I was attacked,’

‘With what?’ Lovell asked ‘and by who?’

‘Wind, rocks and a ghost,’ Amethyst said, well she was and could have done nothing about it. Besides Avita and Hilaria stopped most of it from hitting her.

‘Why don’t you five go to the hotel?’ Tom asked

‘What about you?’ Teina asked

‘I’m going to look over the monitors,’ Tom said. That should have been obvious and even if it wasn’t she has been doing this for about fifteen years ever since she was twenty.

‘Okay Tom,’ Poppy and Amethyst said

‘Lovell can you stay with Tom,’ Teina said.

‘Okay dear,’ Lovell said ‘don’t like Felix drive.’

Amethyst- I have something for you.

Poppy- Whatever it is, give it to me at the hotel

Amethyst- Will do.   




The End

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