Case 1 Part 3 Felix

‘Sorry about that,’ Felix said as he helped the blacked haired girl to her feet.

‘That’s okay,’ she told him ‘I’m Amethyst’


‘I need to check something,’ Amethyst said ‘I’ll see you later.’

With that Felix watched as the girl ran from the Van into the castle. The slivery-blue fox going with her and a red wolf about the same size of as the fox it seemed like she knew that they were there unlike Tom who didn’t even look at them. Okay, so there are more them Felix thought.

‘Sorry about that, I’m Poppy.’ So, this must be one of the Cosmo twins and he just let one of the run into a “haunted” castle, well they didn’t know it was haunted… yet.

‘Should we go after her?’ Lovell asked

‘She does this sometimes,’ Poppy said with a shrug ‘she’ll be fine… I hope.’

‘I hope,’ Felix repeated

‘Who knows what could happen in this line of work,’

‘Poppy… your sister might have just ran to her death,’ Teina whined her green eyes watering ‘why do you act like this is normal.’

‘Because… it is normal,’ Poppy told her ‘or don’t you remember the time she was pushed down the stairs and then another flight of stairs.’

‘Was she okay?’ Lovell asked

‘She was fine… mostly,’ Poppy told him ‘Teina you want to help with the research?’

‘But your sister,’

‘You say this every single time,’ Poppy pointed out ‘and she comes back in one piece every single time.’

‘Good point,’ Teina said going over to Poppy’s laptop to see what the girl has found so far. Werewolves? This place is still messed up.

‘What people believed,’ Teina said

‘Werewolves could be real,’ 

With Poppy’s comment, all Teina did was shrug and two begin to take notes. While Lovell gave Felix a brown folder or more specially the case file.

‘Thanks Lovell,’ Felix said

‘You’re welcome, sorry about Te-’

‘She’s coming back,’ Poppy yelled jumping up and down, like an excited child given a new toy.

‘How do you know that?’ Felix said, hoping that she would stop jumping on the spot it’s been three minutes.

‘Cause I do.’

The End

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