Case 1 Part 2 Amethyst

‘Amethyst… Poppy.’ Teina shouted when she entered the room. Pulling Poppy away from her research and into a hug, a bone crushing hug one many people thought Teina didn’t have the strange for.

Poppy- Help me

‘Hello Teina.’ Amethyst said turning away from the monitor ‘You might want to put Poppy down, since she likes to breath,’  

‘Poppy, I’m sorry,’ Teina said letting the girl go ‘And are you trying to take my job.” Teina was the researcher of the team, since she enjoyed looking for information for the team and was a history major. It just made sense to put the two things she loved together for one job. A researcher.  

‘No I’m not taking your job Teina, you know that Amethyst does most the research for cases we take,’ Poppy said

‘I’m just joking Poppy, don’t be like Amethyst and take everything seriously.’ Teina cried while Amethyst and Poppy were a lot alike Amethyst was more serious and Poppy was more fun loving. For people who didn’t know them, couldn’t tell the two apart and even Teina messed up every now and then

‘You must be Lovell.’ Poppy said to the tall male

‘Yes, how did you know?” Lovell asked the small girl, he was about a head taller than Felix and he had to look down to look into the girl’s miss-matched eyes.

 ‘Teina talks about you a lot,’ Poppy told him as Amethyst went back to watching over the screens and see what was happening, it seemed that Tom was getting camera’s from the vehicle that Teina or one of the boys rented. It was a good thing since they almost used the ones they had here and even with that they wouldn’t be able to put a camera in every room, just the ones that have reports.  

‘I’m sorry I don’t know your names,’ Lovell told the girl.

‘Don’t worry about it. I’m Poppy and the one on the monitors is Amethyst,’ Poppy said, pointing to herself when she said her name and to her sister when it was her turn.

‘It’s very nice to meet you Poppy and Amethyst,’ Lovell said going slightly red in the face, you could barely tell he was that tanned. It was going to take a while to remember which was which, but for now he should be glad that the two girls dressed in very different styles.

 Poppy dressed in a simple baby pink dress that went to her knees, with black leggings, jean jacket and a pair of pink high tops. While Amethyst was wearing skinny jeans, a grey jacket and black sneakers, the two wore a necklace around their necks with the Cosmo symbol. The Cosmo symbol was a fox on the left side and a wolf on the right, a line between the two showing the family’s loyalty and love for tricks and games.    

‘I need to check something,’ Amethyst said walking away from her chair, but was stopped when she walked into someone.  Looking at the tall brunette, she couldn’t help but notice the mask that he hide his emotions under, she would have asked, but really she need to be somewhere.

‘Sorry about that,’ He said, helping her to her feet.

‘That’s okay,’ Amethyst told him ‘I’m Amethyst’

‘Felix,’ He said

‘I need to check something,’ Amethyst told him ‘I’ll see you later.’   

Amethyst didn’t know why she had to go into one of the rooms in the North East side of the castle, but she had learned to follow the flashes that would sometimes come to her. Giving her pits and pieces of the case and what would help solve the case faster, even if it was just an item that would help Poppy find out the past of the location.

Poppy- What do you need to do?

Amethyst- I need to look in one of the rooms

Poppy- Why?

Amethyst- I don’t know

Poppy- You. Don’t. Know

Amethyst- I don’t, I’m here because I needed to

Poppy- A very you answer

Amethyst- Thanks… I think

Poppy- Good luck… in whatever you’re doing.

With that Amethyst cut of their mental link and went back to searching the room for the item that was shown to her before she left the room and all, but ran into Felix.  

In the far corner of the room laid a necklace, one of simple pearls. It must likely belonged to one of the middle or high class, since the lower classed wouldn’t have been able to buy pearls. Sadly, Amethyst couldn’t tell what century they came from, but the way dust and grim went on the white pearls it was most likely that they hadn’t been touched for a good few hundred years.

 “Get Out” A female’s voice shouted as the wind picked up in the room, forcing the old styled window to open, Amethyst looked around the room to see who was their as the tempter dropped at an alarming rate, it was cold enough that she could see her own breath.

“Who’s there?” Amethyst shouted at the empty room… feeling something touch her leg. If she wasn’t so used to the feeling she would have screamed and that she doesn’t really… scream, even when she was dragged by... something.  

“Get Out!!”

Not really needed to be told a third time, Amethyst quickly put the pearls into the pocket of her grey jacket. Seeing the faint out lining of a woman she got out of the room before the ghost could do any harm to her, but the sad look on the lady’s face wasn’t something that she would be forgetting for a very long time.

Running outside before she could attract more unwanted attention to herself, soon enough she was outside and slightly panting from the run. She had no idea why the ghost wanted her to leave, but when a ghost did that, it meant that they didn’t want to hurt anyone or they wanted to do it later. It depended on how the person was before they died or how long they’ve been dead for.

Poppy- Are you alright?

Amethyst- I’ll be alright… Poppy, I’ll be alright.   

The End

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