Case 1 Part 2 Felix

‘Hello Teina, Lovell… Felix.’ Tom shouted as they arrived at the ancient castle.  

‘Hello Tom.’ Teina said giving the short blonde a hug, well to Felix he was short since he was 173cm tall and Tom came to under to his chin.

‘Anything happen?’ Felix asked, while Tom was nice and kind, no one wanted to make him mad, since he was “scary calm” when angry.

‘Nothing much, I had Poppy and Amethyst set up the equipment.’ Tom told him tugging at his neck length blonde hair “The two were in the ‘Room of Toni’, when Amethyst told her sister that they had to leave.”

‘Why did Amethyst do that?’ Lovell asked, something wasn’t adding up and when something doesn’t add up, it usually means that something had happen. Lovell had never meet the twins himself, but looking at the old castle. It was likely Felix was going to be a target on this one.

‘I don’t know why she did.’ Tom shivered, brown eyes wide as he remembered the writing on the wall ‘But I’m glad she did… there was a message written in blood.’

‘What did the message say?’ Teina asked walking to her husband’s side, playing with the hem of her shirt as she waited for the answer. She loved the twins from the moment they were born.

‘I’m sure their okay dear.’ Lovell said, he knew that she was worried about the twins, but he didn’t know why she was and he wished that she trusted him enough to tell him. Teina wanted to tell Lovell the connection between her and the twins, but she couldn’t. It was far too dangerous to tell and anyone she had told before… she never saw again, it wasn’t a fate that she wanted to put her husband through.  

 ‘The message was “your dead”, it appeared on the wall a few seconds after the two left the room.’ Tom whispered, while the twins didn’t get targeted very case… it was ones like this that they were mainly targeted.

That’s when the two glowing lights over Tom’s head caught his eye. The fox was about the size of his palm and slivery-blue in colour, it’s pale blues eyes looked at him for a moment before going back to look after Tom, who didn’t even know that the creature was there. The lion was a little bigger than the fox, but only about a centimetre or two bigger. It was a light orange colour and stood straight and proud, both of them seemed to be looking after Tom as if they were placed on guard.   

‘So the two are the target.’ Felix muttered to himself, the spirits above Tom’s head were fine, since they weren’t harming him or the rest of the team, Felix saw no reason to mention them to the rest of the team, there really wasn’t a point.

‘Have you met them before?’ Tom asked his boss, or at least one of them the other was Lovell since most clients are more likely to believe that he was running the company and not a seventeen year old.

‘No, I haven’t meet them’ Felix said; he didn’t know why Tom was asking him that question, but the two spirits he knew what they were. The word was on the tip of his tongue.  

‘When you do… you’ll see why they get targeted on cases with really old spirits, epically ones from the witch hunting era.’ Tom sighed sometimes, just sometimes Felix listened to gossip too much and many people didn’t like the twins.

Felix just stared as Tom walked to the side of the castle. The lion spirit went with him, while the slivery-blue fox went to sit on his shoulder. Just how long have the three been here? Why did Teina play mind games with him? And how was he meant to solve a case when he didn’t have anything to study? Sometimes he wa-

“Felix… Felix we’re going to the base.” Lovell said, snapping Felix out of his thoughts by waving his hand in of his face.

“Sure… how long have they been here.” Felix asked. Teina wouldn’t tell him anything, so he’ll ask Lovell who he had been friend with since he was fifteen years old.

“The Twins and Tom have been here since yesterday.” Lovell said Teina really told him nothing about the case, he thought she would have told him something about what they were doing or at least where they were going, but then again. This was just something Teina did, no matter how much it annoyed Felix and to some extent himself.

Base at the moment was in a van that had all the screens in it, they would stay here since the castle didn’t have electricity or power points. Maybe they rented the van, Felix thought as they walked up to the black van, parked at the side of the castle out of view so tourist groups wouldn’t find anything out of place.   

When Flex entered the room where the screens were located at first he didn’t see anyone, but when he walked into someone and that someone only came up to about his shoulder or a bit below his shoulder, but that didn’t matter. The person was light enough that Felix wasn’t moved but the person he walked into wasn’t so lucky and when he looked down all he saw purple and blue eyes looking at him… wait, purple. A eye colour that wasn’t seen a lot, but there have been cases where someone has had two different eye colours and purple eyes.

The End

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