Case 1 Part 1 Amethyst

If it wasn’t for the fact that Teina pulled the ‘you own me’ card, then she wouldn’t be here, she and Poppy could get their own cases without Teina’s help, family or not.

‘What’s wrong Amethyst?’ Her mirror image or otherwise known as Poppy asked.

‘I can’t believe Teina pulled ‘you owe me’ card.’ Amethyst growled, she hated it when she was “black mailed” into a case and the only person who could get away with it was Poppy and half the time Amethyst didn’t even count it as black mail, but with everyone else she did.

‘Don’t worry about that. Teina does this to anyone and everyone.’ Tom said through their ear pieces.

‘We know.’ Amethyst sighed

‘I can’t believe we’re in the witches’ castle.’ Poppy squealed ‘Or that we’re outside Salzburg Austria.’

‘I can.’ Amethyst said rolling her blue and purple eyes, it was one of the only ways to tell the two apart. While Poppy’s eyes where left blue and right purple, Amethyst’s was right blue and left purple.

‘Amethyst can you turn the camera to the left a little, so I can see the whole room.’ Tom asked, from “Base” a room where all their equipment was… well the ones that weren’t being used, but the William family had a lot of money and they liked to have to the newest in paranormal investigation equipment, while giving their old stuff to the Cosmo family who couldn’t buy their own equipment, but where good at what they did.

At the moment they were setting up a room that was called “Room of Toni” for some reason or another.

Poppy- sis do you know anything about this place?

Oh and another thing Amethyst and Poppy have a mental link… they don’t know the distance of it, since they were really never really go that far away from each other, the two girls found it very useful in high school, tests and such.

Amethyst- Do you want the truth?

Poppy- Yes

Amethyst- Not much

Poppy- What do you know?

Amethyst- From what I’ve heard you say isn’t this one the Witch trail places and it was one of the only ones where more males than females were accused of Witch craft

Poppy- Yes

Amethyst- Poppy…

Poppy- Yes

Amethyst- We… need… to… leave the room

Poppy- Why?

Amethyst- We need to

With that the two ran into base as fast as their legs could carry them.

‘Where’s the fire?’ Tom joked as they ran into the room.

‘No fire, but Amethyst said we needed to get out of the room.’ Poppy painted

‘It’s a good thing we did.’ Amethyst said looking at the screen that showed footage from the room they had just left.

Your dead

‘Please stupid ghost… it’s ‘you’re dead’ not ‘your dead’.’ Poppy hissed at the screen. Why can’t ghost ever get their warning’s right? And why could this one speak English?

‘How many times have you two been attacked by ghosts?’ Tom asked

‘Too many to count.’ Poppy said.

Amethyst just nodded going over to look over the screens to see what else had happened while they weren’t looking.

‘Gaia said,’ Amethyst said, stoping their conversation ‘That Teina is coming with two other males.’

‘Who’s “Gaia”?’ Tom asked her

‘That isn’t the concern for the moment as something might happen if you leave them long enough.’ Amethyst stated her eyes never leaving the screen that showed one of the many bedrooms putting a pair of headphones over her ears.

‘You might want to let them in, this place is known for people randomly disappearing for being slightly different.’ Poppy said, pulling her laptop out of its bag. 

‘Just try and stay out of trouble.’ Tom said leaving the van to go outside.

‘What about Tom?’ Poppy asked

‘Hilaira is following him.’ Amethyst said ‘And I know that you sent Nero after him.’          


The End

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