Case 1 Part 1- Felix

The William family was murdered leaving their only son Felix behind, bend up on keeping their family business alive... the William family had been paranormal investors for generations or 'ghost hunters' between that and trying to find out who killed his family he doesn't have any time. But when the Cosmo twins come into the picture things get a whole lot more complemented.

‘Why are we here?’ An irate Felix asked, they hadn’t thought of giving him the case file… no, it was “just push Felix onto a plane without telling him where he was going”

‘Didn’t we tell you Felix?’ Teina asked the pissed off brunette.

‘No.’ He semi-shouted, giving the black haired girl a glare.

‘Please, Felix if your eyes weren’t such a light brown that might have had a chance of working.’ Teina said him with a wave of her hand ‘Or I’m just use to it.’

‘Felix I’ll tell you, but please stop glaring at my wife.’ Lovell said. Taking pity on the younger male, but still no one glared at his wife.

“What is it?” Felix asked looking away from the green of Teina’s eyes to the dark brown of his best friend.

‘Moonsham Castle.’

‘You mean “The Witches Castle” the one in Austria?’ Felix said a disbelieving tone to his voice, he thought that they wanted to keep that place haunted… for the tourists.

‘Yep, that’s the one.’ Teina giggled, she always loved that ghost stories and it was one of the main reasons that she become a “ghost hunter” as their jobs were normally called, but Felix preferred “Paranormal investigators” Teina didn’t care about the label she only cared about the job. ‘I forgot something.’

‘What else is new.’ Felix stated, Teina seemed to forget things all the time and it wasn’t new… but what did she forget this time.

‘Felix-’ Lovell warned

‘It’s okay sweetie, his right… I do forget things a lot, but some of my friends are helping with the case.’ Teina said playing with the hem of her purple shirt.

‘Yes… and where is Tom?’ Felix asked her, Tom was another one of their teammates, but he wasn’t here.

‘He’s gone ahead to the location with my friends.’

‘Who are your “friends” and how are they going to help?’

‘Amethyst and Poppy Cosmo.’

‘Why them?’ Felix asked

‘Yes dear?’ Lovell asked her, he knew Felix was young only seventeen years old, but weren’t the Cosmo twins sixteen or something around that?

‘Dear … do you know my full name?’ Teina asked

‘Yes Teina Bonnie?’ Lovell asked, he didn’t know where this was going.

‘I may as well tell you later.’

‘Why aren’t you going to tell us?’ Felix asked. Why did this woman have to play games with them?

‘We’re on a plane and besides I got the Cosmo Twins, because their good at what they do,’ Teina huffed glaring at Felix.

‘Yes, but it also says their danger magnets.’ Felix hissed hearing how the half- Chinese and half-British girls would get into trouble on almost every case they were on.

‘Why not?’ Teina asked him, she was pissed about the fact he was insulting someone she cared deeply about, even if he didn’t know how the three were linked.

‘Why not… tell me why you asked them.’ Felix wasn’t in the best of moods and Teina wasn’t helping one little bit.

‘Because I’ve worked with them before and they did a very good job.’

‘Well… I don’t want to babysit them.’ Felix hissed

‘Felix there’s nothing you can do about it.’ Lovell sighed

‘Why not,’

They should be glad they were sitting behind him and not next to him at the moment. The danger magnets of the spirituel world and he had to work with them.

‘Amethyst and Poppy are already at the sight with Tom,’ Lovell said the tone of his voice calming Felix down… somewhat ‘please be careful about what you say about Poppy around him.’

‘Fine,’ Felix said turning around to glare at the seat in front of him, if it wasn’t for the fact that the William family had been paranormal investigators for generations, then he wouldn’t have taken the job, but it did for his family… after what happened.

The End

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