Will We Find

“I think something’s wrong.”

“What do you mean?”

“ARI just notified me that the ship landed.”


“1, 2, and 4 didn’t notify me. Their notifications should be consistent.”

“Switch on their eyes.”


“Is that…”



It’s 3.”




If robots had feelings, had emotions, had thoughts, then humanity would either be doomed, or blessed.

If your computer one day professed it’s love for you – How would you react?

If your car suddenly started driving itself – What would you do?

And if your toaster suddenly started insulting you – Would you still make toast with it?


And what if a group of robots found other robots?

On a small, discreet, cold planet?


1’s camera protectors slid open with a whirr, and the cold lifeless eyes started to glow a soft green light.

Next to 1, was 2, who was currently doing the same.

And next to both of them, 4, was Powering On, as well.


They were doing something us humans might call ‘waking up.’

And yet, they were doing so much more.


In the deepest corners of their hardware, they were backing up information, surveying the scene and calculating the best move, performing elaborate mathematical equations that would stump even the most wizardly math genius, and playing Call of Duty against each other.

“1 to ARI, have we landed?”

1’s voice came out as a commanding sort of monotone, the perfect voice for a leader.

“Yes, 1.”

ARI, (Advanced Robot Interface), had a woman’s voice. Soft, soothing, but informative and wise.

“1. 4. Should we go…outside?”

2 had a more childlike, more human voice. It fitted her, being the most human of the four robots inside the small spaceship on Planet Y.

“Performing: Going Outside.”

4. The least human. Brought along only because 1, 2, and ARI needed a more advanced super computer to come up with the most logical answers, best outcomes, and heavier weaponry.


The group was called Take Two.

And as 1, 2, and 3 walked out the door of the spaceship, ARI opening it for them, Mission Control back at NASA was enjoying a pizza party, and not even noticing the small malfunctions going on in the robot’s heads as the air of Planet Y seeped into their hard drives.


As their ‘eyes’ flicked about the planet, they noticed five things.

The ground was purple. Not a deep purple, more of a periwinkle. The planet had clouds. Which meant Planet Y was not as uninhabitable as the humans thought. Not only did the planet have clouds, but trees, too. The planet did not, however, have very much water. Probably only enough for a small colony of four of five humans to survive on. A group of similar looking robots were coming their way.


They sent all this information back to ARI.


“1. Do you notice anything…odd?” 2 asked, if she was a human, her palms would have started to sweat at the sight of the oncoming robots.

“Whatever do you mean, 2?”

“There are others…Like us. Up ahead.”


Deep in the far corners of 1’s hardware, his game of CoD turned off, the mathematical equations were suddenly interrupted, and his information stopped backing up.

He was now only surveying the scene.

Through new eyes.


Had gone wrong.


“We…See others like us all the time.”

“But we weren’t supposed to encounter them here. Right, 4?”

The End

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