Will They Survive? Dun Dun Dunnnn (Ch 17-25)


Since money is nearly impossible to find and resources to live are almost gone, Matt volunteers at the post office, trying to get by with barely anything. But suddenly, snow begins crashing down heavily, soon forming a blizzard. Miranda and Jon start placing anything they could find beside their house, so that the snow would land in the barrels and then make water. While doing so, they remember Matt is still missing and they have the bright idea to wait in the road with an oil lamp, in search of Matt. Sure enough, they get lost. Skipping ahead, Miranda’s family soon began to get sick. It was up to her to care for her family, single handedly. Miranda’s only option to keep her family well, was to head to the doctor. Once her destination was reached, she stumbled upon only two nurses who claim that everyone else is dead and that her family has a deathly flu that is highly contagious. She kept giving them food and fluids to keep them healthy with all of her might, and luckily, they soon got better. To end the disaster of a book, Miranda feels as if she is slowly, but surely dying. The last thing she wanted, was her mother to find her child dead, so she snuck away. On her travels far from home, she saw a yellow slip of paper that read “come to town hall”. As suspicious as it had seemed, she did exactly what the paper said and came across two men who gave her bags of groceries and drove her back to her home. Once she made him home, she realized that they were going to survive and live a good life.

Throughout the novel, the readers began to put their self in Miranda’s situation and they start to realize the difficulties she’s had to deal with. Her personality does not change, but her thinking process changes. Before a disaster happens, you don’t exactly think about each and every minor detail… until it does happen. For example, it begins to heavily snow, making it hard to find their way back home. They also set barrels out to turn the snow into water, because there is no more water. Their mental state of mind has completely dropped and the only thing they can think about is getting fresh water. Before this, water wasn’t a worry, or finding their way back home was no problem. Every conflict taken place in this reading has forever changed the way that every character will think. An average person in Texas would cheer for excitement of snow and want to go outside and play. In Miranda’s current situation, they try their best to turn snow to water and take turns, searching for their home while the other one is weak. “Jon and I took everything that could hold snow and put them by the side of the house”, she stated. Every conflict that happens to someone will forever change their psychological well being. Though it may seem like a depressing time, I feel Miranda is confident with herself and believes as long as she stays determined, they will survive. Many people may be in a difficult situation, but if you look at all of the negative aspects, you will have a depressing time. If you are in a difficult situation and look at the positive aspects, you will be confident and only look at the good side, that you survived. If you think you’re dying and you are still a child living with your mom, you will most likely hint at your symptoms. Since Miranda’s mom has been through so much, she decides to leave. One's mental states will change when shocking things become a part of everyday life and future history. In her story, confidence is key to survival. If you believe you won’t and slowly get depressed, you will give up and die. If you stay confident in your beliefs, you will keep fighting till it’s over, and win.


Theme:  When disaster take part in an everyday life and future history, it soon changes the way people look at the entire topic forever.


The End

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