Will I Survived?

A man chased by a stranger endlessly.

It was at night. I was walking down the road when I saw a man in the middle of the road, standing. He wore no shirt, just a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes, and he was covered in blood. I was shocked, really, but it was too creepy to be true, because the blood-covered man finally fixed his eyes on me. I saw his gaze and it was haunting.  I kept on walking with my head down, not brave enough to see the man. The road was very silent and nobody was there but me and the blood-covered man.

Finally I managed to walk passed that creepy man. 1 foot away from the man, and I kept on walking. 2 feet. 5 feet. I want to walk faster than this but I'm afraid that would make him chased me. 10 feet. 20 feet. Finally, I can start to inhale some air to my lungs. 

My house was like 25 feet away from where I was. I even can see my house already. And I feel very relieved. When I was trying to gather some air to be put in my lungs, I looked back to see the man. But he wasn't there.

The End

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