Chapter Two: To The Living World

Pops stood up slowly and grabbed the cane that was by his office chair. I winced as I remembered that it was my fault that Father had to use it.

He opened up the door that he let no one inside and he turned on the light. They flickered a while and showed a long hallway that reminded me of the mine shafts where the Halloween Seeds were harvested from.

“This way.” he instructed as he started hobbling down the hallway.

I stood up without hesitation, causing my familiar to tumble to the floor.

“Hey!” she shouted by I ignored her.

I was curious. I have never seen my Father’s mirror before. I had only read about it in the school library and in the public library but neither showed what it looked like or proved to be much help of what it could do and what it couldn’t do. It was like they didn’t want anyone except the Grim Reaper to know anything about it.

I followed my Father down the hall along with Bell, Alaina, Macha, Amira and Alexandrina.

“What does his mirror look like Adrienne?”

I turned my head and looked at Alaina.

I sighed and answered, “I don’t know. I’ve never seen it.”

Alaina’s eyes widened along with Bell’s.

“You’ve never seen it!?” Bell exclaimed.

I nodded.

“Then how do you know that we aren’t being led to a place where no one can hear us being murdered!?” she shouted.

I scowled at her and replied sternly, “My Dad isn’t like that. Never talk about him like that again. Understand?”

She nodded quickly as her face was very pale from fright.

I’ve still got it; my Pops frightening voice, I thought.

I looked back ahead and noticed my Dad was opening up a very old door that had scratches and burn marks on it. The door creaked open and he walked inside. He turned around and motioned us to follow.

I nodded and walked in without fear into the room. Bell and Alaina were clutching their familiars to their chests as they walked in cautiously.

“Humph! You guys are such babies!” Amira snottily commented.

I kicked her hard and I heard a THUD along with a small whimper.

“Their scared enough as it is Amira so give it a rest.” I scolded.

I was thinking the same thing though…

She limped over to my side and looked up at me apologetically. I sighed and picked her up and hugged her to my chest gently.

I still love you Amira. Don’t get the wrong idea, I thought to myself.

Another light was turned on and we all stared in shock as we saw my Pops’ mirror.

It was hanging on the grubby wall but the mirror itself was so beautiful and it was shiny and clean.

“Your Mother’s soul is within this mirror and she guides whoever comes into it to the Living World.”

I turned to my Father with anger and shouted, “Why didn’t you tell me!? I loved her too yeah know!”

He hung his head and answered, “I didn’t tell you because I wasn’t sure what you’d think. I didn’t want to take your Mother’s soul to the Graveyard so I took it here and placed it into my mirror so that she could always be around. I thought that maybe you’d think that was wrong.”

“Wrong!? Wrong!? Of course I wouldn’t think it was wrong! I would have done the same thing!” I shouted at him.

He stared at me with astonishment.

“I loved her too yeah know, and I didn’t want her to leave as much as you did.” I said quietly.

My Pops did something that he had never done through my years of living. He hugged me! I was so surprised that I almost didn’t hug back, but I did.

“Go to your Mom ok? And make sure you come home safely.” he told me.

I nodded and wiped my tears away.

I stepped towards the mirror and touched the lady wrapped in a gown. The mirror suddenly widened and the bottom part of the frame was touching the floor. I looked back to my friends and motioned them to follow me. Bell was on one side of me while Alaina was on the other and they smiled at me.

I looked back to see my Dad and he smiled as he waved saying good bye. I waved at him back and mouthed, “I love you Pops.”

I turned back to the mirror and stepped inside along with my two companions.

I wonder, I thought to myself, what is the Living World like?

Suddenly we were surrounded by darkness and we could see absolutely nothing.

“Bell? Alaina? Are you there?” I asked, worry starting to take over.

“Yeah I’m here.” answered Bell’s voice.

“Yes.” answered Alaina’s voice.

“Hello girls.” I heard a familiar feminine voice greet.

“Who are you?” asked Bell.

“I’m Adrienne’s Mom, Sarah.”

My eyes widened.

“I heard from the Grim Reaper that you’d like to go to the living world?” she asked to make sure she was correct.

“Yeah, that’s right.” I answered.

Soon a trail of light appeared on the floor.

“Then follow this path of light and you will arrive there safely.” instructed my Mom.

We nodded and started walking.

A couple minutes later she appeared on the path! She held out her hand and three bracelets were nestled there.

“What are these?” I asked as I picked up one of them.

“If you touch the gem that’s on this bracelet, then you will change back and forth from your original form to your human form. This will make it easier for you to blend in with the crowd when it is not Halloween.” Sarah explained.

I nodded slowly and put it on my wrist and doubled it over so that it wouldn’t fall off easily. Bell and Alaina did the same.

“Also, it will make your familiars turn into dogs so that no one will be suspicious of them.” added my Mother.

I looked up to her. Her face looked to tender, happy but yet it looked sad as well. I wanted to touch it so that I could comprehend that she was not an illusion, that she was real. I didn’t though because I had a job to do and I didn’t have time to catch up with my Mother.

“Do you touch the gems now?” asked Alaina.

My Mother nodded.

We touched the gems and out clothing and hair changed! My hair was in a small pony tail but it was shorter than usual. Alaina’s hair was slightly longer and it was also in a pony tail but Bell! Her hair was really long and it was in a pony tail! She looked absolutely gorgeous!

“I didn’t think vampires looked so pretty when they were in their human forms…” I mumbled only loud enough so that I could hear.

“Soul Collectors don’t look as frightening when they’re human…” I heard Bell mumble.

We both looked to Alaina.

“And witches look like rocker, emo chicks when they are in their human forms.” we both mumbled.

“You three look gorgeous!” my Mom smiled.

I smiled back at her.

I don’t look as beautiful as you though, I told myself.

“Well beyond me is the doorway to the Living World. Are you three ready?” she questioned.

“Yep!” we announced.

Mom smiled and side stepped out of the way so we could open the old, scratched and burnt door.

I walked up and took the handle in my grasp. I quickly looked back to my Mom. She smiled. I smiled back and mouthed, “I miss you.”

I turned back to the handle and I opened the door. Light flooded the endless darkness that we were in and it sucked us in! We screamed in surprise and I blacked out.

“Hey! Hey! Are you ok? Hey!”

I slowly opened my eyes and I reached my hand up to block the sun out of my eyes.

Wait! Sun, I thought.

I sprang up and looked around and saw Bell and Alaina laying on the ground beside me along with their familiars. Mine was in my lap but she was still unconscious.

I thought, then who was trying to wake me?

I looked to my right and saw a boy that looked to be my age or maybe slightly older.

I looked to his wrists and saw hand cuffs.

Was he trying to escape from an officer, I wondered.

I looked over to Bell and Alaina again and saw two other boys that seemed to be trying to wake them up.

NOTE: srry that the pictures couldn't be put in but I don't know how to do that yet so just use your imaginations ok? thnx!

The End

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