Will Anyone Find Out?

It's about three young girls who come from a different dimention. They come to our dimention so that they can retrieve the Halloween Seeds that have suddenly gone missing. Without them, all of the citizens of Halloween City will die. Although, they aren't the only ones trying to grasp the seeds. The Lady in Thread is wnting the Halloween Seeds so that she can take over Halloween City! The girls won't let that happen and so they will use all the Halloween Magic they posses to stop the Lady in Thr

Chapter One: Explanation Of The Prophecy

I knew very well why the Grim Reaper, my Pops, wanted me to come down to his office. Or at least I had a pretty good idea. Something last night had changed and it didn’t seem like it was for the better. I thought, I wonder what happened… “Hey!” I looked up and saw Bell and Alaina with their familiars. What are they doing here, I wondered. “You were called here too?” I asked. Bell scowled at me and replied, “Don’t look so surprised! You aren’t the only one who gets good grades in Halloween School Manor!” I crossed my arms and countered, “Well at least I don’t try to suck everyone’s blood during class!” “Um…excuse me? Could we all get along please?” asked Alaina shyly. I looked over to her. She was fiddling with her fingers nervously and avoiding eye contact, like usual. She’s a witch but she sure doesn’t act like one, I reminded myself. I sighed and glared at Bell. “I suppose I could call a truce until we find out what’s going on.” I muttered. “Fine, but I won’t do anything along side a Soul Stealer.” mumbled Bell as she crossed her arms and looked away from me. “I’m a Soul Collector! Not a Soul Stealer!” I shouted. “Pft! What’s the difference? You still take souls from humans and other things that have them.” said Bell. “I only take souls away from things that are dead. Not things that are alive.” I hissed. “Whatever…” grumbled Bell. “Ca-can we ju-just go in-inside?” stuttered Alaina nervously. I nodded. We walked into the government building with our familiars and strutted through the halls looking at every door to see which one had the plaque on it saying “Grim Reaper”. “Here it is.” I pointed out and I pushed open the door without knocking first. “Adrienne! Don’t you think you should knock first!?” said Alaina in alarm. I turned and looked at her like she was crazy. She soon got the idea that I didn’t care if my old man was busy doing something or not and avoided eye contact with me again. “Hey Pops, are you here?” I asked. “You refer to your Dad as “pops”?” asked Bell with a sweat drop. “Yeah. Don’t you?” I asked, surprised she would even ask such a silly question. “No!” she shouted. Jeez, what’s got her emotions in a knot, I wondered. “Yes Reni. I’m right here.” answered my Pops. A sweat drop appeared as I wondered, does he always have to call me that? I walked in and sat on one of the red leather chairs. The vampire, Bell, and the witch, Alaina, were soon to follow. “Macha, would you like to sit on my lap?” Bell asked her bunny familiar. “Oh yes, yes, yes!” he cheered at he gladly jumped on her lap and snuggled into it with a giant perverted smile on his face. A sweat drop appeared on my head again as I though, she doesn’t even notice… “Alexandrina?” I heard Alaina say. “Why certainly!” Alexandrina answered as she lifted her arms up so that Alaina could pick her up and place her in her lap. I felt a tug on my single black sock and looked down to my bunny familiar, Amira. “Don’t I get to sit on your lap too?” she asked snottily. “No.” I answered back as I glared her. She cupped her paws around her mouth as she whispered, “You better or else I’ll let your secret out!” My face turned red in embarrassment and I quickly threw her on my lap and rested my arms on her back. “Hey! This isn’t what I had in mind!” she shouted. “Shut up! Or do you want me to tell your secret too?” I asked, a devilish smile on my face. She quickly stopped moving. “So what did you call us here for?” asked Bell, sounding a little annoyed that she had to wake up so early. After all, it was 6 o’clock in the morning. Pops spun his office chair around to face us and announced, “You’ll be going to the Living World.” “What!?” we all exclaimed in shock. “Why!?” “The Halloween Seeds that keep Halloween City alive have suddenly gone missing.” explained my Dad shortly. No way, I thought. Does that mean that the prophecy that hangs over my Father’s head is coming true!? The Grim Reaper looked straight at me. “You know what this means, don’t you?” he stated rather than asked. I felt everyone’s eyes on me. I gulped and slowly nodded. Father sighed and leaned back in his chair. “I didn’t think it would happen so soon. After all, it has only been a few centuries since the prophecy was created.” “Only a couple centuries!? Don’t you realize how long a time that is!?” shouted Bell, flabbergasted that my Dad was such an idiot. “Us Halloween Folk live for a long time remember? You youngsters are 800 years old and in Human Years that is 8 years old. You can only imagine how long I’ve been living.” he muttered, feeling a little insulted. Bell folded her arms again and her famous scowl was showing. She was the type that hated people who were less smart then she was. That is basically pretty much everyone in Halloween City when you think about it long enough. “Yeah Pops we get it. You have been living for a very long time.” I said while rolling my eyes. A little too long if you ask me, I thought. The Grim Reaper cleared his throat to gather our attention. “Anyway Reni, would you like to explain what the prophecy is to these fine ladies?” he asked. I glared at him. Fine? They are anything but fine, I thought. I sighed and explained, “Only the people in Halloween City who are in the Grim Reaper’s Royal Family know about the prophecy. It was for safety reasons so no one would panic and cause problems. You see, the prophecy is about the Halloween Seeds that suddenly go missing and they all end up in a city in the Living World. Supposedly a Soul Collector, a Witch and a Vampire who’s intelligence, physical ability and the ability to control their powers is great at a young age will be the “Chosen Ones” to go retrieve the Halloween Seeds before the Lady In Thread gets them. All of the Halloween Seeds have to be returned to Halloween City before 5 years from now at exactly midnight. If that doesn’t happen then Halloween City will die of famine, storms and many other serious catastrophes. That isn’t all though. While the three Halloween Creatures are out searching for the Halloween Seeds, each year that goes by, a citizen of Halloween City will unexplainably die.” Bell and everyone else in the room, besides me and my Pops, gasped. “R-really? E-every ye-year that goes b-by?” asked Alaina to be sure. I nodded. Bell stood up suddenly, causing her familiar to tumble to the ground and she shouted, “Why!? Why does one citizen have to die if the Halloween Seeds aren’t returned!?” My Dad shook his head sadly and replied, “Every Halloween Seed keeps at least 1 citizen alive and if any are missing then that citizen that it’s life protects, dies. Also, we have to harvest more Halloween Seeds every 4oo years because eventually Halloween Seeds die on their own because they get too old.” Bell sat back down and lowered her head, causing her hair to hide her face so no one knew what was going through her mind. That’s why Mama died. Her seed was missing from the bunch and we didn’t find it in time…I thought to myself. I looked over to Pops. He seemed to be remembering that same event as well. “That’s not fair! Why does a bunch of the Halloween Seeds have to go missing!?” shouted Bell angrily as she made eye contact with my Father. I noticed that tears were running down her face. Poor girl, I thought. Pops shook his head and replied, “No one other than the people who made the prophecy know, and they’re dead now.” Bell’s fists tightened and I knew that she probably wanted to punch something. “That’s not fair…” she muttered. “That’s just not fair…” I nodded. “I agree Bell.” Bell and I both looked over to Alaina who hadn’t spoken pretty much this whole entire time. “I don’t think that it’s fair either but things happen, you know? You can’t stop them from happening, even though we’d all like to. Right Adrienne?” She looked over to me and, for once, made eye contact with me! I looked down to my lap and squirmed in my seat a little as I replied quietly, “Yeah…” My Dad yawned and asked, “So are you girls going to go to the Living World or not?” We all looked up at my Pops and Bell wiped her eyes. “Of course!” we replied in unison. “Right, then lets take you to my mirror.”

The End

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