Adirondeck Mountains, NYMature

Corwin Wilde fights some of the most lethal creatures unknown to man. Banshees, and demons, who have escaped the fiery Inferno, and the thing that he fears most is his estranged sixteen year old daughter.
Wilde leads an undercover militia of demon hunters. He's forced most of his men to adopt the mentality that family and friends are liabilities. When a teenager shows up at his compound, demanding he take a DNA test, his rules begin to suffocate him, and he find himself in even more danger.

“Slow down mate! You’re going to get us in a wreck!”

Corwin punched the gas even harder. “Listen Bitterman, There's a bounty on my head. I'm not sticking around the scene of a crime any longer than I have too.”

“I thought we had a man in this region covering our tracks?”

“Yeah, we do, but he's about as useless as a screen door on a submarine. We need to get out of this town before someone so much as raises an eyebrow.”

“So you hot wire this old beater to get us out of here?”

Corwin nodded. “ This truck is a piece of shit, it wont be missed as much.”

“You know Wilde, I do have a son and wife waiting for me back home.”

Corwin glanced in the rear view mirror and slowed down once he realized they were no longer being followed. “That’s your first mistake. A family is a luxury. Aint no room for luxuries in this business.”

Bitterman sighed. He unloaded his pistol and shoved it in the glove compartment. “Is that why you ditched Emily when things were getting serious? Or is that the excuse you make when you're afraid of loving someone too much?”

Corwin's knuckles went visibly white on the steering wheel. “Would you stop talking to me like a Goddamn woman? Its making me rethink saving your life back there in the raid!”

“I saved your ass, and we both know that. The team can vouch for me.”

“I told you to leave me.”  He sighed, burden by the information he had been withholding from his friend. “Look, Flynnt has injected a microscopic tracking device in my skin. I could have led you to the nest.”

Bitterman deliberated for a moment. “You'd have been eaten alive. Do you really want to go down as demon food! Your remains in demon shit? Is that really how you want to go mate?”

Corwin reached into the pocket of his cloak, and produced a small vile of deadly contents. He handed it to Bitterman.

Bitterman's eyes went wide as he examined the dark blue contents. “Bloody Hell! Is that what I.... Blood of the Fallen? Are you out of your Goddamn mind Wilde?”

Corwin ripped it away from him, and secured it in his pocket. “Who do you think would have gotten the honor of feasting on my bones?”

Bitterman ran a hand over his five o'clock shadow. It was habit forming. “Its all starting to make sense now. You left Emily because you knew you were a walking dead man. You planned on sneaking the potion the moment you were captured. Not only poisoning yourself, but the King as well, the moment he consumed your soul.” He let out a hysteric chuckle. “That’s why Flynnt put the tracker in you. After you died, and took the King with you... we were going to go in and finish the rest of them.”

Corwin nodded solemnly. “End this once and for all.”

-“Are you fucking crazy?”

Corwin didn’t blink. He expected this kind of reaction from his right hand man. “We all have to make sacrifices.”

  • “I get it mate,  I do! But honestly yours would have been in vain. When are you going to realize that this is never going to end?”

Those were not the words Corwin wanted to hear. He ignored his friend. “I reckon we scared them into hiding for awhile now. Damnit! I expect they'll send some of their spawn after us to weaken our forces, and distract us while we hunt down the King again. When we get back to the compound, I'll send two men home with you.”

Bitterman shook his head “Jeanine's going to hate it for sure, but it will give me some peace of mind. Thanks. And now lets work on revising that plan. Maybe find a conclusion other than you turning out as demon meal.”

The End

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