Silenced with the Speech

She rode all day,as the roads were abandoned. She managed to keep each horse under control as she had a whip. She didn't and wasn't intending to whip a horse,it just scares them a little.

It was a scorching afternoon, and her back and fingers began to ache,but she couldn't stop,there was only half a mile left to go. She though of all the water tumbling into a spring. With nothing but peaceful bird singing and that's what made her go on.

She rode and rode for an hour and before long she and other horses came to a hault. Sarah jumped off of Chip and ran,the horses following her. A big wood,full of blue skies was awaiting her and her friends. And just as she imagined,there was blissful water and food. 

But whilst this was going on,her Father and the rest of the horses owners was searching for Sarah and the missing horses,calling them. The man that had spoken to Sarah the day before,had mentioned where Sarah was heading and they weren't far behind them. Sarah heard cars pulling up,and the horses stood still and listened. Sarah stood up and looked around. She was surrounded by the stable workers. "Sarah,what do you think you're doing with MY horses!" her Dad screeched.

"They aren't your horses,any of yours. They do not belong to you,unlike Chip who wouldn't be able to survive in the wild. You ever listen to me an it's time WE were heard. So let the horses go,where they belong." Sarah argued.

"DON'T YOU DARE DO WHAT YOUR ABOUT TO DO!" Her Dad screamed. And as he finished the sentence,Sarah turned round and ran,making every other horse gallop on into an entire world of open fields. Her Dad didn't run after her. Just a few little tears ran down his purple face and he whispered "I've lost her".

The End

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