The Secret

She thought long and hard of what to do whilst she watched Chip sleep. He lyed on his side and his nostrils widenened as he breathed out and his mane stuck out.

Then she had an idea. "Exuse me" she spoke out to a man near by. She ran to him and asked " Where did the horses that were brought here yesterday originally come from?"

"Err let me think......ahh yes! Brim Forest about 7 miles away from here West. Why do you ask?" He replied,his hands covered in mud.

"Oh no reason" she smiled meekly at him and skipped back to Chip's stable. "Chip wake up" she spoke to him quite softly. His ears picked up and he opened both eyes.Then got to his feet.

"I have a plan Chip." Then silence. " I know what we are going to do. We'll unlock the gates to all the horses that came from the wild and lead them West until we get to Brim Forest. Then we will free them. We'll have to do it tonight because they start training tomorrow. So get some sleep." Chip stared at her and neighed. He had his breakfast then went back to sleep. It had began.

Sarah walked back to her house. Her Dad was up and had already gone to work. He left a little note:

Will be back late,don't wait up. Dinner is in the fridge. Read the instructions.

But no kisses.

The End

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