Beauty At Her Best

Sarah flew herself upstairs, as soon as she had walked out of the kitchen. She slammed her door,jumped onto her lilac sheets and cried herself to sleep. She felt as if her Dad was blaming her for what happened to her Mum,whatever happened. She had never wanted her Mum so badly than at that moment.

She woke up at 6:00am. All the time that she was getting dressed,she thought about those Horses,probably being beaten for no reason right now. She tried to get the image out of her head,but it just didn't seem to work.It kept rewinding and rewinding in her head,making her feel angry inside and yet again,hurt.

She didn't want any breakfast,she tried to stay quiet as she walked out of the door.She ran as fast as her legs could carry her to Chip who was asleep in his stable. 

Then she heard loud neighing coming from a nearby field so she skipped off to take a look.There,in the field,was the black,glossy horse she had been mesmerized by the day before. He trotted towards her and stopped in front of her.He was very timid but allowed her to stroke his luscious fur. She gave him a polo and he munched on it happily. "Poor horses,your all slaves to us" she sighed. "But don't worry,I won't let them hurt you anymore" She whispered in his ear. He suddenly bolted down to the field and back again going crazy,but Sarah knew exactly what he meant. "Let me out".

She nodded and smiled,"I know what your trying to tell me! And I promise you will return to where you come from!" She shouted but happily this time. If only other people would understand their pain and hear their cry for freedom. She knew exactly what the next step was...

The End

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