Edge of Fury

Sarah's Dad drove into the Stables onto the gravel.He opened up the door of his shiny red Ferrarri and waved at her.She didn't wave back. He approached her locking his car behind him. "How do you like you like your suprise? We are bringing these horses in for racing,big profits in horse racing" he said grinning.

"I hate it Dad. I wouldn't mind if you treated them well and didn't get them from the wild. All you care about is money!" Sarah shouted in his face. She was horrified and disgusted. How could he Father do this to her,she asked herself.

She ran to find Chip.He was a very  good listener. She always felt better when she talked to Chip about her worries and problems. "I hate Dad,it's not fair.He is obsessed with money.He dosen't care about what happens to the horses" She sobbed. Chip neighed as if the either agreed or understood. She cried because her Mother wasn't there to reassure her and tell her everything was going to be ok. She never knew her Mother much because she died when Sarah was only 5.She didn't know why and no one even talked  about her much  even to tell her how and why she died. Sarah stopped crying. "Tears don't solve anything" she said. She got up off the grass and started walking home. "I'm going to come front Dad,now" she told herself.

When she got home,she saw the car. Dad was home too.She unlocked the door and went into the kitchen. Her Dad was sitting there with his Harry Potter glasses on looking at bits of paper.He didn't notice Sarah until he said "Sarah come and sit down". She sat at the other end of the table. "Listen,I know that you don't like this idea.But I have to do what's best for our family.This is where the money rolls in and we don't have to loose Chip,you know how much he means to you.So come on Sarah don't make things any harder than they already are." he spoke.

"Hang on Dad,since when has it been about Chip? I don't believe this,your twisting things!" she shouted,getting up.

"Sarah don't raise your voice like that to me please. Without this money we wouldn't of had enough  to keep Chip" he replied.

"Why didn't you tell me this!? I could of lost my best friend in the whole world. What,did it slip your mind.How could anything like that slip your mind,your outrageous Dad.If Mum were here she'd tell you that too!" I raved at him.

"WELL SHE ISN'T IS SHE!" He roared at her ,as if he were a mighty Lion and she was the smallest mouse ever to have crossed him. He tried not to cry,and Sarah walked away slowly,drying her eyes as she went wondering about her Mum and if she could hear her.

The End

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