Chapter 2-The Suprise

Sarah woke with a start and checked her watch. 8:36am. She was late. She jumped out of bed so violently,she nearly threw herself onto the floor.She put on her jogpers and an old t-shirt ,brushed her hair into a ponytail and went downstairs for a rushed breakfast.Her Father had left her a note on the kitchen table.It read:

Good Morning Sweetheart,I have made you some breakfast,toast and jam your faviroute! I'm at the farm in Pilsbury,5 miles from the stables.  I have a special suprise for you,meet me at the barn at 12:20. Love you xx

"I wonder what that is" she mumbled to herself whilst nibbling her toast.Once she had finished,she ran upstairs to brush her teeth,grabbed her horse riding coat and flew out of the door,remembering to lock it behind her.She ran up the road and there was the stables.It was a very big place. But Sarah knew it like the back of her hand. She ran past the tacking and saftey unit and round the corner.There was Chip waiting for her,just as he had been the day before when she came. She was so pleased to see him,she  hugged him like she hadn't seen him for years. She would come everyday now because it was the Spring term and she would spend all day here with Chip and the other horses.

She got inside the stable with him and began to brush his soft fur. He was a deep brown horse with a black feathery mane. His eyes were glinting in the sunlight and he always seemed to be smiling whenever Sarah was around.She would never hit  or shout at him because she loved him so much. "Who's a good boy eh?" she would say to him or "I've missed you Chip" or even "Oh who's a BIG boy,Chip,yes you are,yes you are" in a voice which you would talk to babies in. She brushed his mane,getting all the mud out of it.He didn't bite her or try to stop her,just remained still until she had finshed. She went to fetch his breakfast. Hay with  fruits and vegetables. Then she brought  some cool,refreshing water.Only when he had finished was he tacked up,ready to be riden. She led him out of the stables and whispered in his ear "Your such a good boy Chip,you really are" He seemed to have liked that. He stood silent and still while she mounted him. "Walk on" she spoke to him firmly but fairly as he began to plod along down the road. After a few minutes they came to a pen field.She steered him towards it and then stated "Trot" He began to stride a little faster, bouncing Sarah about, and she began to rise when he did and sit when he went back down.They carried on in a straight line up the field.Then she kicked him and chanted "Canter,canter".The kick wasn't violent and didn't hurt him at all,it just eased him to canter.He began to canter which is like a run but in Horse term.For this,she had to sit and keep him going with her legs.She flowed with him,keeping her back straight and toes pointed up. "Woah" she called out so he would go back into a trot,then a walk and finally an altogether stop. "Good job boy" she told him as she patted his head. "Now lets try a gallop." she added.

She'd been practising her gallop for weeks on other ponies. It all came down to this. She told him to walk,then trot again,asking him to canter and finally asking him to gallop.He galloped as fast as lightening and Sarah had to rise and sit forward the whole way through.She wobbled a bit but apart from that everything was fine.He slowed down after a few minutes,then he went back into trot on the way back.She was so pleased with him that when they got back he gave him 3 polo mints ,his faviroute and un-tacked him as he was put into the field with his friends.The grass was lush and green,the perfect time for grazing.It  had just gone 10: 00am so she went to the other stables around Chip's and gave them all a polo each.Sweetie,Emily's horse was a white one with patches of brown,a very perculiar coloured horse wanted ore than 1 polo.She was so greedy but because Emily was her best friend,so she gave Sweetie 2 polos.

Hours past by and eventually she made her way to the Barn to see her Dad's big suprise for her. Men in horse trucks pulled up in front of the barn and Sarah watched as beautiful glossy horses were being 'unloaded' out of the trucks. "Wow" she thought to hersef dazzled by the horses fur and mane.One horse was a large black one that semed to be iritated about the people with it. He had a glossy coat and a black mane that floated out whenever the wind blew. "Excuse me but can you tell me where all these horses have been transferred from please?" Sarah asked a man who was sweaty and sticky.They've been caught from the wild,deary,they are going to be trained for horse racing" he answered me. Was this her Father's big suprise?  He then saw the black horse that she had fallen in love with being whipped for no reason. She was apaulled and shouted to the men that were whipping the poor horse to stop but they took no notice.She was so upset and angry she started to cry,but no one noticed that either. It was time to have a serious talk about her "BIG suprise" with her Father. She thought it wasn't  fair on the horses.It wasn't their natural habitat. Especially with wild horses. It was a different story with Chip though. He had been brought up in stables and fields since he was a foal and wouldn't know where to find food and drink in the wild. This was a misake though. This was a horrible sight.


The End

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