Wild Horses

The Sun rose over Red Valley just at the crack of dawn.it was a beautiful sight to see. Birds started humming and flowers began to blossom throughtout the Valley. For Sarah it was another early start to get to the Stables.She was small for her age (11 years old). With chestnut hair,just like her Mother's, who had past away when she was only two years old.She had freckles on her cheek bones and a great big smile on her face everyday when she saw her Pony,Chip.She would brush him every morning and cuddle him,like a dearly loved Teddy Bear.

This morning however was different,Spring was begining.It was a time for all the animals,big and small to come out of their homes and explore and search for food. It was also a busy time for everyone at the Stables too. The Horses had to be clipped and since they couldn't go out much in the winter,they had to be rode on every few days.

The End

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