Hot Lips

As we walked, gravel and sticks crunched under our clumsy toes.  

As I took the lead, I could feel his eyes on me.  Ordinarily, I would be terrified to walk into the woods after dusk, but for some irrational reason I couldn't bring myself to feel that way with him here.

Damn, him. He's going to get us killed.

I chewed on my lip, concentrating hard on shapes of the trees contrasting against the night sky. I guess at some point, I will have to tell him that it's over.  Keep it clean, keep it simple.


When is anything ever simple? I sighed a little too loudly, and I heard him clear his throat in response.

"Natalie, what's going on? You're leading me into the woods and you're definitely up to something. Please tell me it's not my gruesome death," he laughed.

I stopped on the trail and turned around to meet his gaze.  I smiled and pressed one finger against his lips to silence him. He grinned. Placing my other hand on his neck, I pulled his mouth to mine.

I had never kissed him before. And at first he was hesitant or maybe just shocked. But as his hands took hold of my hips and his mouth grew hot against mine, I felt my will power start to deteriorate.

The End

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