Wild Flower

Adventure--Natalie Laurence style.

Chocolate! And Marshmallows.

But mostly chocolate.

I took another bite into the heavily smore.  The marshmallow was perfect, not burned--but a golden brown with a gooey, sticky center that spilled out onto the graham cracker.

I smiled and brushed the crumbs from the corner of my lips.  The dying fire at my feet cast a warm, sultry glow that danced on the bare skin of my legs.  I watched hypnotized. 

I knew he was looking too.

I smiled coyly at him.

You see, there's always been something about being in the middle of the woods that just makes me feel alive and liberated--alive in a way, I've never felt any other place in the world.  And sitting here with this boy.

Well, I was ready for an adventure. Natalie Laurence style. 

The End

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