Wild Child

 I survey the scene before me with pride. The happiness that wells in my heart from all that has happened to create what I see before me now is very nearly overwhelming.

The castle towers tall over the lawn in front of it, covered from top to bottom in sprawling ivy and climbing vines laden with flowers. The stained glass windows sparking in the mid-morning sunshine and the whole building seems to glow with life. The two willows on the lawn sweep the grass with their slender leaves, creating small hiding places beneath their branches.

There is more to all this though. My pride is not tingling because of the willows or the ivy or the castle itself. No, there is a grander reason I feel such emotion in my chest. 

The sound of laughter floats above this whole scene, interlaced with noise of teenagers and children talking and yelling. Footballs are being kicked across the grass and books are being read in the shadows of the trees. The whole thing is alive with students.

I turn away and walk up the drive a little farther. There, the newly carved wooden sign proclaims for all to see, Wild Child Academy - home to the brightest and most brilliant of the world's gifted.

I was the first Wild Child. Or at least, the first in modern day civilization. There may be some out there, lurking in the woods, and playing with their skills. Ones who had never sat on a lawn before.

It had all started on a sunny June day, much like this one. The end of school was near and my teenage self was busy hanging out with friends, enjoying the sunshine out on the school field.

I was feeling in a particularly good mood, normal and unextraordinary teenager that I was, and my whole body was tingling. Just the sun I thought, euphoric at the idea of school getting out.

It happened then, that slight shift beneath my skin. I plucked a blade of grass and then surveyed the rest of its fellows, standing there, sentinel under the blue sky. Tiny little leaves of green, easily stepped upon.

I picked a still living one and focused on it, pretending that if I willed it to it would grow big and tall. It would step on people instead of them stepping on it.

My eyes widened. I was sure the grass had sprouted taller in the instance I wished it to. I focused again, pouring my entire will into and the thing exploded.

Literally, it exploded. It grew an extra foot in height and then burst into a million little pieces. Luckily, my friends only noticed the explosion and it was easily explained as my having thrown grass into the air.

That was only the beginning.

The End

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