Sychar BrehmMature

I remember it all… Every kill I made, every life I ended for coin or survival. I only had a few rules, no kids, no requests for extra painful kills, no civilian mass-murders, and the like. I wasn’t the greatest person, nor was I the worst. I lived with it, and I was going to die with it. My name… I don’t even remember my real name. I simply gave myself the name Sychar Brehm, losing my old name with my old life.

When I was 11 I was kidnapped by a group of bandits, forced into a short slavery before they were slaughtered by a woman with black hair and piercing, golden eyes. It took a spark of insanity for me to take up a sword from one of the bandits and try to attack the woman.

I still don’t understand what I saw. With a blade hilt-deep in her gut, the woman laughed and gave my coppery hair a rub before pulling the blade out and throwing it away. Even in my youth I understood that such a thing was impossible.

“Cute… Come with me.” The woman had asked in a voice like diamond gently clinking together before taking me by the wrist. I eventually knew her as Sam, almost a parental figure when she wasn’t training me to kill. In hindsight, I guess I became a lot like she. One who hunts monsters, doomed to become a greater monster. Though unlike Sam, I never enjoyed killing. I was numb to it within a few months, Sam bringing me along quite often.  

As I stood there examining the knights before me, my mind mapped out every bit of the room, every detail I could find. Something flawed up inside me before I flung the short sword with impossible strength, its blade finding purchase deep in the skull of a stunned knight, the first one to try and strike me.

“Sam, if you could see me now…” I muttered, dodging slashes and stabs, even a few bolts from a crossbow that one knight carried. The room was surprisingly spacious, dusty and quite detailed. There was single exit, a tunnel with no end in sight.

One night yelled and attacked again as the crossbow snapped out, sending a bolt my way. I grabbed the bolt and tried channelling my energy into it again, slamming it into the side of the approaching knight’s side, making a large crack in the bolt from the impact.

I thought back to my 14th year, when I almost matched Sam in a sparring match, slicing straight through her sword as mine glowed a fluctuating red and green. I passed out a second later, an incredible amount of energy draining from me. For some reason I couldn’t access it anymore, though I still felt energy drain, but couldn’t see any effect. The crossbow bolt was a test, as I had tried a similar thing and only done minor damage to the bolt. It seemed weaker.

Before the knight could retaliate, I slipped around him to catapult him into another, using my momentum to sling the bolt towards the crossbow-armed knight. It scared him, glancing off his hand and sending the crossbow to the ground.

“I’ll need to investigate more after I get out…” I thought, snapping the arm of a charging knight. I was getting more used to fighting this undisciplined group of fools, whoever they were. I could almost feel them panicking.

I took the sword and short sword of the broken armed knight, whipping around to parry the oncoming slash of another knight. I sent my opponent’s weapon flying before I whipped my foot forward, surprising myself with the force. I didn’t just knock the knight back, I hit so hard that I heard bones snap!

BANG! Something crashed against the side of my head and I saw the world start to black out. “Damn… Got to stay alert…” I murmured, things getting blurry. I fended off a few strikes before a crossbow bolt to the leg sent me down onto one knee. I had taken another hard knock to the head soon after, taking me out.

The End

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