Chapter One

Nineteen-year-old Felix Calvin exited his home and descended from his third story apartment at Hemlock Groves. He gave a small wave to the receptionist on the way out. She was a lady in her mid forties, dyed blonde hair, and who had a fondness for some really strong perfume that made him scrunch his nose every time he entered the lobby. 

His feet lead him down the front stoop and to the right. Broad street was bustling as usual as Felix tried his best to weave through the onslaught of people coming his direction. That was usual for this time of the morning. As much as Felix hated it, it was the quickest route to get to the Bluebird Café. 

It was more of a Mom and Pop style diner in appearance but the owner was more than a little eccentric, leading to the name of the “café”. Nonetheless, the eccentricity had its perks. Good service and excellent food mainly. 

The door bell jingled as Felix crossed over the threshold and couldn’t help but inhale deeply as freshly baked muffins and hot coffee wafted under his nose. He shrugged of his jacket and laid it town in his usual booth before taking a seat. He could hear singing coming from the kitchen along with bubbly laughter, always a good sign. 

“Felix dear! is that you?” A feminine voice trilled out before its owner exited the kitchen. 

Felix couldn’t help but chuckle before calling back. “Its me Andi!”

The door to the kitchen soon opened to reveal the owner herself. Andrea Hewitt strode out in all her glory as she made her way towards Felix’s table, a few plates in hand. 

“Do you want berry or chocolate this morning, Sweetie?” She asked setting one tray down on the table. Felix pushed up his glasses and examined the steaming muffins.

“Berry please.” He spoke as her manicured hand reached out for the chocolate muffin. 

“Are you sure? I know you can’t stop eating these ganache ones when they’re nice and hot!”

As tempting as it was to his grumbling stomach, he had to decline. “No sleep plus chocolate will put me in a coma, Andi. I have a test today, but I’ll probably want to drown my sorrows in one tomorrow morning.”

 Her laugh reverberated off of the walls. “I feel you there! I felt unsettled last night for sure. Did you try those sleeping pills I recommended? A college student needs their rest especially!”

“I don’t think I’m going to touch those things again… I fell asleep in Psychology and had to dissect a sheep brain by myself.” a shudder traveled up his spine as he thought about that queasy afternoon that he would not care to repeat. 

“You obviously didn’t read the instructions properly!” Andrea chided as she picked up the chocolate muffin. The plate was soon replaced with a plate of eggs benedict with the hollandaise sauce alongside a cantaloupe wedge and a small yogurt parfait. 

“I guess not…” was his meek reply. He had read the instructions meticulously, but they sill had managed to screw him over, to his dismay. 

“Eat up! I’ll have your tea out as soon as Billy fixes the dent he put in the kettle!” Felix could only raise an eyebrow as how wide the woman was smiling. “Thanks Andi."

She acted like an aunt to him ever since a friend had introduced him to Bluebird during midterms of their freshman year of high school. It had become more of a home to him than anywhere really. It was a part of his every day routine basically.

Bluebird, school, library, Bluebird. It was how he functioned. Andi was one of the best cooks on this side of the county. Her cooking did not always reflect her mental state though. Beneath the pile of red, curly hair, she was some piece of work. A lovable piece of work though. She looked after a lot of the city school kids and made sure they were fed for a day at school or work, even if they didn’t always have the money to pay for it.

Billy on the other hand was the type of grease ball you would expect to find back in the kitchen of some fast food joint, not at Bluebird. He was Andi’s on and off boyfriend, as that would be picked up on by any one who became a regular there. One day they’d be singing al laughing, the next there would be utensils flying across the kitchen. 

"Which is probably how the teapot got dented.” Felix mused as he dragged around a bit of the english muffin in hollandaise sauce.

The End

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