"Midnight already..?" He grumbled in a low voice. It had been a week since he had gotten any decent sleep. He closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep, but once again it managed to elude him. It was surprising the difference a week could make. The obvious symptoms of sleep deprivation were much more intense than Psych 101 class had claimed. It was hell in a nutshell. Tremors, hallucinations, and not to mention temporary short term memory loss plagued him. That on top of when he did sleep, it was at the worst possible moments. Class was a perfect example of that, especially when any jolt made him seize and wake up in the nurse's office screaming bloody murder. 

It was all thanks to that stupid accident a week ago anyway. Being almost blind had caused incidents in the past for him, but nothing like that one. He would occasionally stumble or bump something over, even with the thick prescription lenses on. His vision was roughly 20/160 without glasses, not legally blind but pretty close to it. He tried not to let that stop him though. Felix walked everywhere since driving was out of the question and a bicycle was just a hazard to everyone around him.

The teenager rolled over from his right side to the left and stared at the digital clock that sat on his nightstand.  Blurry white digits created a faint light that lingered at the head of his bed. He softly sighed and closed his eyes. This was pointless. 

He pulled himself up into a sitting position and rubbed his eyes. The action never really helped him see clearer, but it somehow made him feel like it might as one day. A sigh escaped as he flopped back down against his pillow. It was going to be a long night.

Eventually, the teen dragged himself out of bed, and began his usual routine. Fumbling for his thick, black rectangular rimmed glasses as he brought his slender frame to an upright position. After a moment, he slid them onto the bridge of his nose, feeling his skin mold against the cool plastic. The thick lenses brought the hazy room into more detail as the sluggish teen moved towards his closet to dress.

His stomach growled as he dropped back on the bed and pulled on a pair of converse. He snagged his phone off of the charger before standing up. He tapped the home button. "No new texts.” he mumbled and locked the smartphone before slipping it into his jacket pocket. 

The End

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