Wicker Numbers

I had this idea of taking the plot keywords from two different movies on imdb using random.org list randomizer and doing three keywords at a time as a writing prompt for possibly connected drabbles and used flickchart to randomly choose two movies for me. Those two movies were Wicker Man and Murder by Numbers.

Sandra Numbers was sitting in a diner, six months after her high school graduation, unsure of her future, contemplating what to do next, beyond staring out at the harbor, stroking the long hair tucked behind her ear. That boat, strangely named Wicker, it's not made of wicker but I feel like a wicker boat sometimes. Sinking slowly. Sinking... is that man dead?

Nicholas Wicker, the man floating face first in the water, was not actually dead. Acting quickly, Sandra made sure to keep it that way.

"You saved me!"
"I was a lifeguard in high school."
"I'm indebted to you."

The End

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