Fire burned in the others' eyes, as her black hair waved around her like it was caught in a slow motion wind storm. Her power had risen to immense proportions but so had Chloe's. The question was just how much power did Chloe have in comparison to Saturday.

    Saturday slit her eyes in a wary look of anger and then began to move forward. She was across the road from Chloe and cars were roaring by, but she paid no heed to them. Suddenly a car skidded on its breaks as it was headed right for her, but as it was about to hit her at full impact the car suddenly stopped dead and the front crumpled up, as though it had hit a brick wall.

    More cars began to pile up behind it and against the invisible wall that Saturday had somehow built up in protection of herself. She stopped in the center of the road, chaos building, people flying from windshields, or being crushed by other cars. It made Saturday smile with bloodlust.

    "Come get me," she whispered across the way, but even under the roaring sound of cars whizzing by on her side, Chloe could still hear the call.

    She stood her ground and waited for Saturday to make her next move. The girl did not wait long. A large 18 wheeler began skidding on its breaks behind the messy pile up, it was hauling a large gas tank.

    With a wave of her wrist Saturday had the tanker up in the air and flying towards Chloe. Chloe quickly countered by covering her face with her arms in a protective manner. The truck exploded into violent flames just inches from Chloe's face but not a lick touched her skin.

    Chloe watched in horror as the driver was instantly incinerated by the blaze. And now the traffic moving opposite on her side was beginning to screech to a halt as the fire storm took over the entire road.

    The fire burned out quickly and the singed wreckage crashed to the ground, metal tearing, glass breaking. Before Chloe could rest another vehicle was thrown at her, a car with a family inside. Chloe acted quickly and held the car fast in the air, gently placing it on the ground.

    More vehicles where hurled at her, a police car, then an SUV, each time she tried to save the occupants inside, but there were too many, coming at her too fast.

    An ambulance coming to the scene was picked up and hurled across the road into the trees, an explosion followed it. Saturday didn't want any survivors she was out for destruction and death, she had become death.

    And Chloe was the light, the only one that could stop her, and she was weaker.

The End

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