Why They Won't Let Me Be President...Mature

There are a multitude of reasons why they won't let me be President, so here's the complete list:

  • I'd stop all this "World Peace" garbage and start trying to solve issues more practically with armistice's and other agreements rather than the everone-drop-your-weapons-and-hug approach.
  • I have serious issues with the way some people earn loads of money and some earn none. I'd even the score a little. Say goodbye to you million-pound salaries all you WAGs...
  • I'd put harsher laws down about racism, sexism and other things like that. They'd get a lot worse than a fine if I was in charge.
  • Death Penalty = Unnecessary and stupid. Out with that too.

Oh, and possibly because I'm hell-bent on World Domination....

So, why won't they let you be President?

The End

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