Why the Leaves Fall in Autumn

Just a story I spun for an English assignment - we had to write our own myths, about natural phenomena. I chose why leaves fall in autumn. Thought it was worth posting. :D

Before humans found the forests and started spreading pollution there, there were nature spirits who lived under the shelter of the trees. The trees were their companions.

There was a King of these nature spirits, who would gaze outside his window and keep watch on his subjects and trees. And in summer, autumn, winter and spring, the leaves would remain dancing on tree branches.

In a while, the King grew tired of the "same, monotonous plant-routine" as he called it.

“Why do the leaves have to be only green?” he complained to his servant, Scatty. “The trees must grow tired of it. I am. Go and ask the trees whether they like their leaves in this color.”

Scatty obeyed and went.
“It does get rather boring,” an oak tree admitted. “We would like being other colors like red and orange.”

Scatty ran back to the King and informed him of this news. The King thought about it. He asked Scatty for his opinion.

“Your Honour,” Scatty said. “I think I have an idea.”

The King, interested, asked Scatty what it was.

“I could gather my friends and we could paint the leaves,” he suggested. “We can make little designs and they will look very nice and bright. It might take a while but the trees will be so pleased.”

The King thought it was an excellent idea, and ordered him to start the task that very night.
Scatty gathered some of his friends and took his pots of paint out – red, orange, yellow, and brown – and divided them amongst his friends. They all went off.
It took a month, but soon all the trees’ leaves were painted bright colors. The trees were happy and the King was pleased.

The paint weighed the leaves down, and soon they fell off.

“It is fine,” the oak tree told the King. “Now the ground will look prettier. And we can grow more leaves.”

So that was the way they left it. And that is why leaves change color and fall in the autumn.

The End

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