Ideas? Ideas they're for queers and steers.

Ok original. Then strontium deathmaster pulled out his turbo nuclear laser hoover and said "I'z gonna put a caps in yo ass"


"Oh yeah right ideas ideas....."

"Ok how about a talking dog"

"Already been as in clifford"

"Ok how about a ghost, vampire and werewolf move into a...."

"Already done that's being human what a great tv show that is"

"Ok how about vampires?"

"Depends are these cool sexy blood drinking vampires or the ruined twilight esque vegie vampires who's boring story of sex offenders and celibacy makes me want to apply vapo-rub to my eyes"

"Sounds complicated I'll avoid vampires I think"

"Maybe better to"

"I'll think of something don't you worry....."

The End

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