Why Strontium Deathmaster?

Guns don't kill people atoms with an unstable outer shell do. Though I suppose technically not people.

"Such a waste" remarked Titanium Terminator.

"Never! anyone who mixes with anything from the pyro dehydrogenase complex ain't worth a thought" said Strontium Deathmaster - the most unstable of the unstable chemicals.

"We do what we must" the electrons it had just ripped from fluoropyruvate wrapping round it's warpped shell.

Potassium pomegranate looked sadly at a single electron spinning round its shell.



"You can't write an entire murder mystery story except all you've done is replace the characters names with chemicals it won't make sense; it'll be boring and cliched"


"Just don't do it - try to come up with something original and interesting"


The End

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