why now?

a glance that's all it took,  and i was his.  I'd known him for over a year but all of a sudden i was love struck. For a solitary moment that was all there was him and me in the corridor i could see the people going past but it didn't matter n othing mattered just him. It sounds cliched but its true then he looked my way for a second i blinked in shock and time sped up again nliffe went on again and i was forced to notice it as the bell rang and i got pushed along in the surge of kids headed for cllass. 

All through maths i obsessed i already knew him but that day was the defining moment the first time i realised i loved him. It was stupid i told myself that at the time but i couldn't help over dramatising making up a whole different life for him and me and him together that lesson flew by its probably the best maths lesson i've ever had. he'd closed my eyes but i didn't care life was goo.

The End

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