In The Room ?Mature

                                             You rest your head against the cool wood of the door for a moment, eyes closed, trying to steady the increased beating of your heart.  You eventually turn around, and your jaw drops.  you are standing just inside a massive garden, an impossibaly  large garden.  You march across the garden to the left hand wall of the room, then turn back to Lucy,

"There should be another room here?!", you look back at the wall, "unless both doors lead to the garden, you check the wall housing the door you just passed though, just one door, you turn back to Lucy again,

"How is this possible??!!", she looks back with sad eyes, her mouth curling down,

"I told you, every door leads somewhere else!!"

                                               You turn back to the garden, ivy is creeping across all the walls, grass grows thick and green through the slabs of stone on the floor.  Three trees stand tall and strong, their tops not quiet touching the high ceiling.  Flowers grow speratically around the garden, daisies and dandylions, tulips and poppies, theres no other way to describe it, but beautiul,

"Well, this doesn't seem to bad!", you sigh with relief, walking, cautiously, into the room,

"Coming?", you ask Lucy, she seems nervous, skitty, standing her ground on the very litle bare stone floor.  You make your way to the tree growing in the centre of the room, its thick trunk and the soft grass look an inviting place to sit for a moment, its not as though you've walked very far, or done very much, but your still tired, almsot unable to fight the weariness creeping over you.

                                             You drop to the soft, grass covered ground, and lean back against the trunk of the tree, it is comfy,

"Hey!", you call over, almost dreamily, "come on, Lucy, come and rest a while!",  Lucy continues to stand very still, silently refusing to cross the grass. 

                                                You can feel you eyes getting heavy, you want to close them, but something whispers to you, from the back of your head, telling you this is wrong, telling you to get up and help Lucy find the little ones.

"Just a couple of minutes!", you slur at the room, sleep overcoming you, blackness falling over your eyes..............

                                       .......then you hear Lucy, her screams waking you, you look over at her, she has her hand over her mouth, a look of pure terror in her eyes, and then you notice the grass, it isn't green anymore, its brown, black and slimy.  There is movement everywhere, as you focus upon the scurrying black shapes, your eyes pick out things they really wish they couldn't see.  Scorpions and tarantulas, everywhere, giant insects of all description crawling all over the grass, the trunk of the tree by the door, and you!

                                            You leap to your feet, scattering some of the insects and arachnids off your legs, having to shake the rest off, every inch of your skin is crawling with the sensations of tiny, haired legs clinging onto your skin!  Lucy screams again and points over your shoulder, you spin around, just in time to duck, as a black, dead, leafless branch of the tree you were leaning on, takes a vicious sweep at you with its clawed, hand like, limb!

                                        You charge back over the grass, trying to get back to Lucy and avoid treading on the creepy crawlers on the ground, the scorpions raising their stings and spiders standing upright on their back legs, threatening you, daring you to tread on them as you pass.  Finally you are back on the stone with Lucy, she is still staring over your shoulder as you crouch down to hug her.  Theres a nasty, creaking, cracking, sound coming from behind you, slowly, you turn back.

                                        The tree yo were leaning on has changed, its limbs and truck contorted to resemble a strange, twisted, legless body, two notches, over sized and deep black, turn seem to stare at Lucy, a split in the trunk shifted open a little more, and then, in an all to familiar deep, bear like, booming, angry voice,


                                         Lucy screamed at her masters, voice.  You put an arm around her, shouting at the tree,



                                         The tree closet to the door began to shake violently, then the ground around it, suddenly, the floor around its truck exploded, five black, thick, long roots came snaking out, they shot towards Lucy, ignoring me completely.  You grab Lucy and pull her behind you,


You keep her behind me, trying to block the roots, some flying at you both through the air, others sliding across the ground like a serpent.

"WHAT ABOUT THE WIND??!!", Lucy asks, quite fairly,


You hear the lock click, shes done it, the doors open again,

"GO! GO! GO!", you yell at her, she flies through the door, you follow as another root smashes its way into the wall, by your head.  Just making it through, you pull the door closed, and then fall to a heap on the ground, terrified, breathless, and Lucy falls into your lap.


The End

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