The First Passage ?Mature

                                                    You stand with Lucy, at the lip to the first passage, a long dark corridor with large, heavy wooden doors spread across both the left and right walls, paintings and tapestries hang between the doors.  You can't see any windows, but can feel a heavy wind on your face, the tapestries billowing out from the wall in the wind.  Lucy grips your hand tighter, you get the distinct feeling she'd rather return to the attic!

"Lucy", you coo, "Its going to be alright, you know that, right?", she looks up at you with her sad, sunken green eyes, you can't help wonder how long shes been living this nightmare?  Suddenly, a door slams near by, somewhere, Lucy skitters back to the stairs, getting ready to turn and run,

"Lucy, no, please wait!" you walk back to her, "Lucy, I can't do this without you, your just going to have to be brave for me, OK?", she takes her time, but, eventually she nods, straightening herself up and ignoring your offer to hold her hand again,

"Do you know where these doors go?",

"No", she replies, "well, sort of, they all lead to different places, sometimes a room, sometimes outside, sometimes to other parts oof the castle....." you interrupt,

"You mean, someof them lead to other floors??!!", this could be the news you've been waiting for,

"Sort of", she continues, that doesn't sound so good,

"They lead to other places, sure, but then you can't get out.  Some of the doors only open from the inside, some only from outside, like I said, the castle is...."

"HUGE!", you both say together,

"Yeah, I'm starting to understand that!",

                                                      The two of you step into the corridor, the carpeted floor masking your footsteps, still you both tread carefully, neither one wanting to alert him, to your movements.  You look up at the high ceiling as you walk, huge candle holding about chandiliers hang halfway between the ceiling and floor, their soft glow not offering much in the way of light.  As you move, you notice how strong the wind is getting, now so powerful, you actually have to push quite hard to continue.  Tiny fingers curl around your hand, Lucy is having to work even harder than you to keep going, and now your ears are full of the sound of wind, gusting along the passage at you,

"LUCY!", you have to shout, you have no choice, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!!",

"THE GUARDIAN!", she replied, straining her voice over the gale force wind, "IT'S TRYING TO STOP US!!", that much you'd figured out by yourself"

"IS IT CLOSE??!!",

"NO, BUT THIS IS ITS FLOOR, I KNOWS THAT HAPPENS HERE!!", the wind is to strong, you have to do something before Lucy is unable to carry on.  A door is coming up on your left, with no idea what lies beyond it, you soon come to realise, its take a chance on the unknown, or give up and head back!

                                                  You put Lucy's arms round your waist, spread your feet apart to keep balance against the wind, and turn the handle.  The door flies open, and, in one swift motion, you fling Lucy into the room, jumping in after and slamming the door shut!


The End

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