The Little Ones ?Mature

                                          You and Lucy reach the bottom of the stairs, your standing in a small porch, the path into the passage ahead, and on either side, a small recess, a window build into the wall of each.  You run to the first, but can't see through the stained and frosted glass.  The windows picture depicted a grouup of small children, running through a hall, to casually glance at the image, you'd think they were playing, but you take a closer look at their little faces, the fear etched all over them, wide eyes and open mouthes, then you hear something,

"What was that?!", Lucy appears at your side, her finger to her lip again, this time looking even more frantic,

"Them!" she whispers back, "he's hunting them!",

                                               The sound comes again, its so far away?!  You listen as hard as you can, but the words aren't clear enough for you to hear, but they don't sound pleasent,

"Where are they?",

"I don't know!", Lucy replies anxiously, "they could be anywhere, I told you, the castle is...",

"Huge, Yeah, I remember, there must be some kind of short cut, away through more floors than one at a time?!", you don't really ask her, if she had never left the attic, she would be as lost as you in the passages and hallways,

"Where do the little ones come from?!",

"I don't know, when I slept and came here, I saw them hiding, running in a group down the halls, sometimes a lot, sometimes only a few, always in different clothes, some old, like, really old, other times, their like clothes I've never seen!",

"What were you doing? In your dreams?",

"I was looking for them, when I started the dream, I was always in the kitchen, on the bottom floor, with the nice maid!",


"Lina, she was always nice to me, she always warned me not to go in, just to go home, I always knew I should listen, but then my feet start moving, I can't stop them!  That's when I get scared, so I close my eyes and wait, hoping to wake up, or be in a different dream, but I never do!", she flops at your side again, you bend down, pushing her long hair out of her face, and tilt her face to yours, smiling at her,

"It's OK, go on!", you feel slightly cruel making her go on, but the only way through this was information,

"When I open them, I'm in a hallway, standing in a dark passage, the carpeted path is narrow, the walls and ceilings are so high, I feel dizzy when I look up.  When I look down, I see her, the littlest one, she's always alone, i her pretty pink dress and lace up ballet slippers, like a little princess.  I always call out to her, to wait with me, to help me find the others, but she goes into a room next to me, no matter what I do, she always goes in!",

"Is he, there?",

"She walks across the room, like she's following a voice I can't hear, there is furniture in the room, a desk, chair, cabinet and a huge wood cupboard, but the lights are off, its so dark!  She stops in the middle of the room, looking around everywhere, then, the second her back is facing the cupboard, I see the door fly open, something grabs her, pulling her in, then the rooms door slams in my face!",

"Oh god...!", You stroke her hair, trying to calm her down, something was very, very wrong in this castle, something was very wrong with everything, and you are starting to realise, your are never going to get out, without figuring out what!

"What happens after that?", you must press on,

"I turn around, and the hallway has changed, I'm standing in a much larger one, there is a group of them now, not one over eight years old.  Their looking for someone, I always think It's the little girl, I want to warn them but they still can't hear me and I still can't hear them!", then she turnsm to look at you more seriously than anyone of her age should ever have to look at anyone,

"Then I hear him, he's stalking the halls, very close to the little ones, they each turn back to look down the way they have come, a much larger, well lit passage, doors every metre or so, dozen of rooms, and he's inside one of them, I hear him roar and bang, trying to make them run, but they huddle together, not moving, I try to tell them to go,  find a place to be quite and hide, but they never hear, they just wait, shaking and holding each other.  Then a door, at the far end of the passage, breaks open, a massive black silluette stands there, he's not human, he's not an animal, I don't know what he is, but he runs, he runs fast, and the last thing I see, before I wake, Is one of his massive, clawed hands rising above his head, then cmoing down towards the terrified children!",

"That happens every night?!", she nods

"What changed? Why are you hear now?!",

"I don't know, one day, I just woke up in the attic, I don't even know how long its been?!",

                                    You stand back up and walk back to the window, you can see light breaking through the glass, but its dim, dark, your not able to tell if its dawn or dusk, but you have a nasty suspision its dusk.  Turning around, you march over to the start of the passage,

"Well. if we're going to help them", you start, holding your hand out ready for Lucy to take,

"We'd better get going!"

The End

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