The Castle ?Mature

                                        There she was, long blonde hair, that looked as if it might have reached her feet, deep, forrest green eyes, and a thin, probably once very beautiful face, high cheeks bones, full lips and long eye lashes, but her face seemed to thin, as if she'd been starved for a very long time.  She wore a dirty white dress, that, like her had probably once been very beautiful, it was tied up, around her waist, with a thin blue ribbon, her hands in her lap, holding the mask she had just whipped off your head.

"Who are you?", you ask,

"Lucy", she responds, so quietly,

"Hello, Lucy, why are yo whispering, I think its gone?!",

"shuuuush!", she holds a finger to her lips, "quietly, pleeeeeaaase!",

"OK, OK,!" you reply as quietly as you can, "but why?",

"He can hear, all over the castle, he always hears!",

"Who is he?", she shudders and recoils away from you slightly, "OK, OK, doesn't matter right now! But we can't stay here!"

                                            As quietly as you can, you stand up, taking in the rest of the room, its bare, and resembles an attic, hard wood floors, ceiling support beams and stone walls, one small window.  You wonder over, but its just out of reach, and there is nothing for you to stand on.  You turn back to Lucy as she whispers,

"Whats your name?!",

"I'm sorry, I don't know, I mean, I don't remember?!", she looked at me as if she didn't believe me, "really, I don't know! I can't remember who I am, where I'm from or even what I look like!", you run your hands over your face and through your hair, nothing, no faint images of yourself, no memories or standing in a mirror or having a picture taken,

"Do you want me to name you?", Lucy asked, "everyone needs a name!",

"Maybe later!", you retort, "Lucy, how big is the castle?",


"Define, 'huge'?",

"It just goes on for ever! Hundreds of floors, weaving like a maze, some of the passages and hallways lead down, others just go round and round in circles, some have walkways lead outside to towers, so far off the ground!", she shuddered as she spoke,


"Yes, I'm not allowed to leave this attic, he keeps me here to have someone to punish, when the little ones are bad!", she started to cry again, "their trapped in the halls, he keeps them there, wondering lost!",

"You mean children, don't you?!", she nods, you feel a jitter in your heart and stomach, little children, wandering around a castle built on hundreds of floors, with whatever that thing was, out there,

"Lucy, what does he, want with the children?",

"He wants to scare them, he says their better when their scared!",

"Better?!", you aren't sure you want to know,

" eat!", she said it so quietly, you nearly missed it,

"Lucy, do you think we could find them?", she went white, ran to the far corner on her tip toes and curled up in a ball, slowly, you make your way over,

"Lucy, I want to help, but I can't do it alone!", she looks up at you from behind her hitched up knees.  You wait patiently, eventually, she nods, and puts out a hand for you to help her up,

"Lucy, how old are you?",

"Sixteen", she was just a kid too, at first glance, you'd have given her at least twenty one!

"OK, so let me make sure I've got this right, as long as we don't make to much noise, we should be able to move around the castle safely?",

She nods, then, as you turn to take the first step out of the attic, she pulls you back,

"What??!!", you stammer, she'd made you jump,

"I forgot!", she whispered frantically,

"Forgot what?!", you ask,

"The Guardians!",

"Guardians?!", you ask, something tells you, this is not going to be good news!

"Yes!, there are guardians on every floor! They serve the master!",

"Can we avoid them??!!",

"Maybe? I'm not sure?!",

You take a deep breath, reach back, taking Lucy's hand in your spare, and take a step, out of the attic, onto a staircase, leading down.


The End

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