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You freeze.  It was right there, are they in your room?  You wish, uselessly, for some kind of superpower.  You wouldn't give a kingdom for the ability to see, but a toe perhaps?  The little one is mostly just a waste.  Makes shoes harder to fit.

Tick, tock. 

Why do you care about shoes?  You aren't even sure if you're wearing any.  You wiggle your toes, you're not.  That's a shame.  There's something comforting about being in shoes.

Tick, tock.  That is a really annoying noise.

OK really, why are you so hung up on shoes?  You listen closely, the voice must not have been talking to you.  All you can hear is the clock.

Tick, tock.

With your free hand you pull off the hood.

Tick, tock.  Is it getting louder?

Sitting on the floor in front of you is a coffin.  No, it's a box, it can't possibly be a coffin.  That would be far too strange.  You take a deep breath and look at it a little closer.

Tick, tock.  Yes.

Ornate wood scroll work covers the top.  You can't make out exactly what it is, and yet you get an eerie feeling from it.  If only you could stop that clock from ticking you're sure you could actually focus.

Tick, tock.

You can see beautiful metal hinges.  It looks like the top opens.  Just like a coffin.  No, not a coffin that is too weird.

Tick, tock.

You look around the room.  Aside from the coffin there is not much in the room.  The walls and floor are bare wood.  Here and there the wood is stained.  Something tells you, you don't want to know what that is.

Tick, tock.

The door is slightly ajar.  Finally, something is going your way.

Tick, tock.

With your free hand you pull off the rest of the ropes.  Time to leave.

Tick, tock.

But what about the coffin?  No, the box.  And that damned clock!

The End

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