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"Don't take it off!" the voice was female, young, but sounded serious, very serious,"just wait, and for heavens sake, BE QUIET!",

Heavier footsteps began clunking at a distance, they were making the wooden floor bounce, then they slam into the room, and stopped.  You have little to no choice but to do what the disembodied voice told you to do, keep very still and be very quiet!


That voice! So deep, rumbling, it didn't even sound human, It was more like the voice you'd expect a bear to use, should it decide to talk!

"I.....I'm sorry!", the female voice, she sounded so scared, you want to take off the hood, see what it is she is so terrified off, but something deep in your gut tells you that doing so, would be extremely  foolish!

"WHY?!!",  the voice demanded again,

"The new one started choking!", she stammered, "they can't breath under that hood!", her voice was trembling so badly,

"HOOD STAYS!",  the voice responded, louder and angrier than ever,

"Yes Master....", her voice pitch and urgency suddenly changed, she begged the other in the room,

"YES MASTER! YES MASTER!! NOOOO, PLEASE DON'T!!", you hear something crash into the wall behind you as you close your eyes, unable to see anyway, but instinct shutting them against whatever was happening, the heavy footsteps begin again and the 'what-ever-it-was' stomped out of the room, calling back,

"REMEMBER THE LITTLE ONES!!", and the young female behind you, cries and cries.

                                   You wait until the footsteps disappear in the distance, then,

"Are you OK?", despite the situation you, yourself were facing, its all you can think of saying.  You hear her sniff back tears and then scramble over the floor to you,

"Thank you", she sobbed, "thank you for staying quiet, if you had spoken, the master would have blamed me, then it would have been worse!", she was busying herself with the ropes around my hand, considering the fact one hand was already free, you really would have preferred  her to remove the mask, but she was a mess, you can actually feel the tears dropping onto your wrists as she works to knot, so you let her move at her own pace, she has a better idea of whats going on anyway,

"Where am I, I mean, where are we?", she takes her time to answer you,

"The castle", the words are spoken plainly, emotio lessly, spoken as if by someone who was trying to mentally remove herself from the situation,

"What.....castle?!", you ask confused,

"HIS castle!".

                                She shifts, you can feel all her movements through the floor boards, shes sitting in front of you, bent down on her knees, you can just make out the white material of her clothes, and some blue, blonde hair and pale skin.  You feel her take hold of the cloth over her head, and in one swift motion, she whips the mask off and away from your face.

The End

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