Why Me ?!Mature


There's something over your head, you try to open your eyes but material scratches them.

Your laying down, a cold, hard floor. Wood, you can feel the gaps between the floor boards.

Your shoulders hurt, you try to move your ams, but your hands are bound behind your back.

You can feel the rope now, rubbing your skin, burning.

Panic is taking over.

You have no idea where you are or whats being done with you.

Memories not clear either, you can't remember where you were before?

You twist and pull at the ropes binding your hands,  the knot feels loose, maybe if you percivere.

You try to open your eyes again, fighting against the scratches, blinking through tears desperately trying to moisten your eyes.

There is light, a small spot coming through the material over your head, a single bulb above your head.

It's swinging slightly, there is a slight breeze, you can feel it now you've noticed it.

And a clock, ticking somewhere.

You twist and pull at the ropes.

You try and take in more of your surroundings, through the material.

The gaps are too small, nothing is clear, frustration settles in and you consider chewing through the material.

You twist and pull the ropes.

A floor board creaks somewhere, it doesn't sound close enough to be in the room?

A door opens, another creak, now it is.

You twist and pull the ropes, and your left hand pulls free.

You reach up, straining against the ache in your shoulder and grab the material in your fist.

The footsteps have quickened and a voice shouts,


The End

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